My name is Sande Ochieng. Those who know me better call me Ochy. I love myself, but I’ve always put others interests before mine,

It hurts me when a neighbor spends a lonely hungry night. It hurts me when others suffer.

Well,am a member of soldiers of Christ, I am a follower of Christ.

Now,my country is so much in disaster,.others are leaving,but,am not in any case leaving.

Despite,corruption, despite political assassinations,despite inflation blowing up my mind, I refuse to be defeated by them. Even in my shaking faith.

I choose never to give up on my country,

Because it has taken away too much from those who gave streams of blood and sweat for this nation, to which we are striving hard, to,promote vices.

There is still something about this country which keeps me roped into some sort of hope,

A day is coming when I’ll live in a corruption free Kenya, and I believe that political instabilities come and go,

Hardships will persist, hatred will arise,blood will be shed, but,I’ll never forget that am a warrior,

Every age and era has its own good times and worse,and in the era we are in,it’s proven that it’s more than worse,and I as a saved young Kenyan, need to call for an open minded state, with equality of all people and freedom, and try as hard as possible to have a sane mind, and be human, to save my nation,

Amidst corruption,

Amidst chaos and deafening lamentations,

Amidst land grabbing and false accusations,

Amidst injustices and probation,..of criminals,..am still struggling, and I believe that our struggles will change the status of this nation.

Each cell of my body extremely wishes to see this nation shine in all its glory,and see, a time coming when art and spoken art,when music,when love,when humanity shall curse,condemn and help finish all the dirt accumulated in the past.

Well, am sorry,

Am sorry for having been quiet all that time,

Am sorry for watching quietly when they demolished that mama mboga’s kibanda,. Am sorry for being behind the scenes and watching the dark government doing what’s against the will of the people.

Am sorry for Anglo_leasing,for Goldenberg, for Grand Regency,for NYS, ..and why “yes” to all these. But am not sorry, for loving Kenya.

And so,am not leaving Kenya. Because am a soldier.

Am a soldier but I refuse to follow orders from above, I refuse to underestimate my love for all man,..-kind,coz am kind..er human.

Am a soldier,and I don’t remember being taught how to fear, I’ve never been taught how to accept defeat, I won’t quit, I won’t let my fallen friends remain fallen,.. I won’t fear enemies.

I choose to stay,irrespective of the raised eyebrows and the alarming threats, because staying in Kenya has been my prayer all my life, and my loyalty lies right here,in the Kenyan soil.

I can move out of Kenya,

But Kenya can’t move out of me,am staying here,and make sure I’ve set the fire of hope ablaze.





Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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