I am at war with my past
Constant battles inside my head
Someone lend me an eraser because i have things i need not to remember
Do I have to come from somewhere?
Do I not belong to nowhere?
Is my mother not Kenya?
Is my language not Kenyan?
What’s this voice telling me to stay here?
To stay calm? And that peace will be back?
And that the nation will cease being in flames?
Will the politician ever mind me?
I don’t think so!
Okay, it’s the day that ends. Or it’s night that eats it up, i don’t know.
The thing is that there’s an end, that’s threatening to swallow me.
That’s why am now like a fired bullet. I’ve left no signs of coming back
Running,like I’ve always been running only that this time round am running to the right direction.
To the world,
Which is a very dangerous place to run to!
What am looking for in this run,
Is any signs of civilization
So that i have a happy story for my son.


I passed my fingers across a section of the most sensitive edge of her flesh
My nerves tremored
As my arms waited for the return trip,
Sparked with an unheard sort of energy it came
And the room was filled with traces of dirty moments
And irresistible dark desires


You who have bodies full of strength
but souls so fragile
and of black art
and hate
be on the watch
because a time is coming
when you’ll not be sure whether or not you can face it
the stars and moon will hide their faces from you
into darkness shall be your home
rainstorm shall be your music
your eyes shall be red and burning
and full of fever
you’ll be the dirty souls at the doorstep to hell
This for sure
will happen
but until you go through new birth
and having all your desires and thirst
only to Him who rules beyond good and evil,


she makes me smile
makes me stay calm just like
how she made me love her
every poem i write about her
is as soft as her soul
and leaves me sane
with every feeling reminding me
that she’s the mistress to my senses
her love is poetry filtered through my heart
not a footprint in the sand
her kiss under moonlight
brings my heartbeats to a halt
how she folds me under the sheets
and lets me have her warmth breath
is nothing I can write down
how she reminds me when it’s coffee time
while she knows very well
that’s she’s my coffee
gets me to raising my chin.


a place so dark
and calm and silent
so silent that
my soundless weeping keeps them away
at times they are around
yet they have no faces
thick bushes
narrow paths
feeling so empty
like chicken in a new cage
trying to make some new flies
craving for contact
sick and tired of my life
entertaining the thought of ending it
so restless
as if am sitting on a rock
running blindly through the streets
darkness consuming my screams
none is there for help
in need of a bright soul
a torch to mine
so that i stop wondering
when the wind put out my lamp
someone please be around
and give me a face in the light
and a hand in this
as i hear it’s contagious.


Oh corruption!
Shon shon!
Tax evasion
Nepotism and looting the treasury of the nation
Unequal distribution
Of government contracts and unjust elections
Poor administration
Secret police and intimidation
Oh corruption
Shon shon
Foreign intervention
Oh corruption
It’s high time we forget about you
And stop campaigning about you
Its high time you be yesterday’s news.


it’s time for dark confessions
out of dark memories
dark secrets
dark thoughts
and dark romance
of us with dark skin
but with light filled hearts
and glowing souls
and clean minds
emptying love to our insides
the things that never change.


What if she’s the wild flower who’s secret you never knew?
A bit of the secret is watering her
Make sure you keep her soul wet
By not letting her bleed tears upon the bed
She’ll rise from this rocky earth and bloom and will never wilt.



Tell me

If today I said I love you

Would you believe?

Would you just snob and leave,

Or you’d smile and say ‘me too’?

Tell me

If I proposed to you

Would you let me put a ring

Would you say ‘yes I do’

and allow us start a home?

Tell me

Just tell me

What would your reaction be?

After knowing I have your feelings

And you’re the one I wanna spend my future with.


If today you said you love me

I’d look around and ask if you were talking to me

I’d look at you in a romantic sort of way

And say you are a very sweet person

Of course I’d be a little shaken

With a cold stomach

And a mind wanting so much to believe you

And a soul wanting so much to be attached to yours

But I’d look direct at your rose stained eyes

And say that I love you too

Coz those are the words that matter

Words enough to create a love letter that when read, would create an eruption inside my heart

And a collapse of the pillars that make me.

If you’d propose to me today

My earth would be stilled a little

My brain would stop a moment

As I listen to the sensual rapture of butterflies in my stomach

I’d take a little steps back

And come back again running and hug you

As I let the universe know that I love you too

I’ll promise not to hurt you and your feelings

And with every new sunrise

I’d kiss a nerve of your body

And leave love notes on flesh.

Crucial × Ochy


I knew she was tough
I knew she was beautiful
I knew she was charming
But I never knew she was a queen.

I knew she had a past
I knew she had secrets
I knew they were deep
But I never knew she’d spit them out.

I knew that anger took over her
I knew she pointed fingers
I knew she silent treated me
I knew she didn’t want to see me with any other
But I never knew she’d have my back
I never new she’d forgive, understand and learn.

I knew how sweet like wine she was
I knew how hard I’d crave for her
I knew how drunk in love she’d make me
But I never knew she was a distiller.

I knew she’d ease my pain
I knew she’d heal my soul
I knew she’d put a smile on my face
But I never knew she was my doctor
I never knew she was the call to my soul.


The sky is alive
In it’s imagery sunrise
With it’s blue eyes
And it’s paintings
Not of ink
But of love
And the clouds
To the melodies of the wind
Giving way to an angel
Who flies all the way to whisper
Into my ears
Closing my eyes
Opening my mind
“Today is another day to keep going, that’s what you do.”
And on openning my eyes
It’s like the burnig eye of the sun is bigging me up
The birds of the air too cheering me up
Then night comes
And fades it all away
All is gone until tomorrow
When I’ll reconnect again with myself
Though it feels like I’ll wait forever.


Happy Valentines to this girl mwenye alifall in love na mimi
mwenye alinipenda ata bila za mimi
Of course ye ni malaika na si ati juu amevaa all white
Ni juu ye ni mhumble
Na for that reason leo nazima stima nawasha candle
Ye ndo account yangu ya Twitter naweza mhandle
Ananifanya artist nimchore, juu ana figure
Design wakijaribu kuingilia kati nawapinga
Nampenda kwa sababu ananipenda pia
Juu alinipenda from ile time sikuwa naweza kulala poa, juu kwa mfuko nilikuwanga always na mbao
Alinipenda ile time nilikuwa naiva kindorm akaniconvince nilikuwa nachomaaa
Theories zake ziuwanga funny, juu ziukuja with a big bang
Ni mrembo, kama tu my mama
Ona vile anafanya nastammer
Sai nafeel kumbuyia gift
Juu venye amejibeba utadhani amejipea lift
Nikiwa na yeye mi hujiona utadhani nina telescope
Mi hujiskia utadhani nina earphones
Na yeye hunislash nikimfyeka proper ndo maana anaringa
Vile tu amejipa pia, my all time mi hukaa ndani kama rumande
Ndo nikijaribu kutoka huniangalia na zile macho za upande
Mtoto rangi maji ya kunde
Utadhani mi ni exam vile territory anamark
Nampenda kushinda ata pesa utadhani naishi central
Wanaojaribu kumgusa hugeuka police case, central
Ju mi huwapiga mangumi then wanatoka teke
Halafu najifanya siwajui nawaPita, utadhani mi ndo nilikana Yesu
Kama ni luck niko lucky siwezi lack
Design wanashtuka utadhani ni waislamu, Allaaaah!
Na si uongo
Kuna time mapenzi yetu hukuwa ni ka haba
Na hii huhappen juu ya mabeshte wake wale ma-ka-haba
Wao ndo humdanganya of course ni maLiar
Vile maboy wao anawakunywa ye ni Mekatilii anawaMeza
Then wanamuita wakaskize bumaye
Na mi nakataa ju mi ndo mwenye boma eeeeh
Ju ka ni mangoma mi ndo humuimbia back to back nambeba kwa mgongo
All in all soul yake nishaiheal
Haina ata scar, si huskiza mkadinali
At times mi hulighten up her mind, kimiujiza
But still huwanga na dark thoughts ka giza
Juu ni at this point ndo vitu hufanya chumbani haina haja ya kuuliza
Vile nambuyia Wine niite Bobi
Nguo zake zikichafuka pia nageuka dobi
Sai sheria ya mke mmoja dini imepitisha
Ye ndo main na hakuna sides mbogi ishapitisha
Design sa nataka kumpatia ball akuwe ndo inspiration
Nitake over kila mwezi kuflow
Sai penye tumefika wallahi siwezi mcheza
Design kama angekuwa hongo ningempitisha chini ya meza
Halafu nikufe na guilt, ka poet anaperform piece ya wenyewe
Mimi na yeye
Tumeamua kubind all this kwa kukubali kuwa wa Jesus
Kama Millie na Kabi.


I met a girl
She looked gorgeous
And glowing
With the same instincts as me
Same dark thoughts as I had
Emotions ran high
Mannerliness ran low
And out of breath she was
And becoming so fragile
And touching me so barely
That i could only feel her with my eyes closed
Then every bone in my body
Could sense her caressing
And in that moment of weakness
Sexual tension
Became something more real
And we couldn’t resist the urge.


I wanna make it strong
Strong enough to last
It won’t be out of lust
Like #Kwaru’s
For this very time
Am going to use the same charm
The same magic that Kwaru used so long ago
The pretty love
Like him am going to be the true one for her
To love her like I’ve never loved before
But would my affection be stronger than grandpa’s?
It will
Especially now that I’ve learnt to embrace my darkest aspects
My love for her
Will become more purer
And rigid
And magnified
And I’d never remember the times my soul died
The times my heart got pierced
I’ll forget all the pain
Because when they left me
When breath left me
In my thoughts Kwaru was there
And he spoke to me
And made me know that every heartbreak I’ve been through brought me closer to my true self
This girls took away everything from me
I lost myself to them
Until now
That this one finally found me.


Dedan, amepatana na Ann
Alikuwa mshukiwa wa kufuata ile njia ya gun
Naye Ann alikuwa wa ile njia ya kuearn
Na ile njia ya kutumia fun
Kwa ile business yenye sponsors ndo wanarun
Juu ya kuwa wasted akanicknamiwa ‘dead Ann’

So Dead Ann alifall in love na Dedan lakini kama ingekuwa long lasting hakuwa na guarantee
Akaconfirm from neighbors wakisema so soon atatii
Ilianza na Ann kumsho ‘acha ufala’
Naye akamjibu jifanye tu mjanja
Ann akamwambia ‘uko na umama’ naye akamsho ‘speak back to me if you are man enough’
Dedan akauliza ‘are you mad?’ Naye akasema ‘you are crazy’
Akasema ‘let me clean up the kitchen’ akaambiwa ‘clean yourself first’
Akaongezea ‘behave like a woman’
Naye akamsho ‘man up my friend’

Ni kweli Ann alikuwa amezoea kupigwa kuni
Akakam kwa Dedan akampiga na kuni
Ati juu ya maringo choo za ushago hakuni
Sai vile anaangaliwa, macho wide ka za mbuni

Ni kweli Dedan alikuwa on drugs
Mdomo green
Macho red
Mapua grey
At this point angegeuza yeyote prey
Alibonga sheng’ sana Kiswahili kifukuzwe akiSanif
Akaanza kumvuta Ann kando, juu chini ni ka alikuwa anamfrisk
Akiteta vile alikuwa anaangaliwa Ann alifeel at risk

Hungedhani ndo wale mbeleni walikuwa wanalay their bodies together kwa bed
Sai ni laying his hands on her
Vita alimpiga hakujali the treasures beneath her blouse

Na ni kweli chenye Ann aliona ama ni ndoto tu?
Alimuona amelala kifudifudi na chini yake kuna dem alikuwa amelala chali
Anajiconvince Ni God’s plan sio ajali

Na ni ukweli alivyosikia Dedan ati uko kwa streets Ann huongea uongo na wale maLiar?
Ni nini hicho Dedan anamwaga nje na Ann ako sure sio libation?
Ni mzinga gani hiyo Dedan anabuy na Ann ako sure hafugi nyuki?
Marafiki wa Dedan walikuwa wabaya, kwa Ann walikuwa ngano na ye alifeel kuwa lupita, alitaka kuWakanda

Sai anakumbuka vile mbeleni walipromisiana kuishi in one peace
But there was no piece of peace that they ever used
Haingewahi isha wakiwa at ease
The last words alisema ilikuwa please
Mbeleni walikuwa wanakiss
Sai ni kudiss

Ni at this point ndo Ann alimuunderestimate
Right from where he lived to his manhood
Sai anafeel kumuacha but angefanyaje huo uamuzi na amelewa si ingekuwa impaired judgement?

Dedan alimpiga Ann
Alimpiga na kila kifaa
Feeling ka ya Yesu kutembea juu ya maji but sai ye alikuwa anawalk on her own blood mumewe akiwa maji
Akapata guts za kumsho Ann hakuwa na haja na yeye tena
“So you only needed me for sex?”
‘huh, you are just like my ex

So ikawa hivo
Ile ndoo Dedan alimpiga Ann nayo kwa kichwa ilimfanya apige ndoo teke

Sai anashangaa kama atawahi sema “yes I can”
Ama ajipate amesema okay it’s done
Juu ni kwa ile njia tough ndo amelearn
Joto amepata ungedhani ako kwa frying pan
Ana words confusing hadi utadhani ni pro wa kupun
Alikuwa ready for transformation but was still on the run.


Utamu wetu usiwahi kuwa chungu
Tayari nishauonja
Macho yangu hujaa ukungu
Ninapokuona kwenye toja
Nishapima akili yangu
Ulimi wangu wakutaja
Usiniambie wewe ni dadangu
Nishawahi kuona kwenye paja.

Tazama naandika huu utenzi
Tabia ninayoionea fahari
Kukuonyesha ninavyokuenzi
Siku moja nitakulipia mahari
Ninayoandika ni jinsi ninavyo mapenzi
Yalonilewesha chakari
Yamekuwepo kutoka enzi
Usiniambie kwaheri.

Kesho jitayarishe
Twende nikulishe
Nikukumbatie hata tukeshe
Kando ya njia
Fumba fumbua nikuchekeshe
Hayo daima tarajia.


It’s your birthday, girl,
Let its sun shine, like your smile,
Let the sun’s rays be bright, like your eyes,
Let the sun’s rays penetrate through the air to you and make the view beautiful,
Like you are,
Let the warmth of the sun reach to your skin and penetrate through your pores to your bloodstream, let it flow to your heart and make the love you have for all grow more,
Let it make you feel covered and protected,
Let the winds blow the air of love to your nostrils,
And give you more life,
Have that feeling
That makes your eyes blink in slow motion, and create an affection in them.

So it being your birthday,
I want you to party until you are full,
Like it’s the last party you’ll have on earth,
Like you want it to be the best of all parties ever heard of,
Drink like what you’ll be drinking will be the universe’ last drop,
Dance like you’ve locked yourself in your room and no one is seeing you,
Shout like you are on headphones and no one is listening to you,
Jump and have fun like you’ve never done before,
So in this life ,be patient like you wanted to be Job,
Live upright like you wanted to be Lot,
Live long like you wanted to be Noah,
Then love, love,. Love like God commanded.


You and I
Soaked in the sun
That makes me addicted to you
That reminds me of how lucky I am to have you
And makes my problems disappear
And hides my stressing thoughts from me
Happy is the sunray
That makes our kiss warm.

You and I
Standing face to the cool breeze
That breathes life into our lungs
Happy is the breeze
That blows your hair
And instills beauty onto you.

You and I
Standing on the small cubes of sand
That hugs and comforts our feet
And coats them
Like butter on toast
Happy is the sand
That caress your feet.

You and I
With the sound of the waves
That sings sweet melodic tunes to your ears
Happy is the sound of the wave
That surpasses all noise in your mind.

It’s true that the sea is huge
But how huge is it’s hugeness?
As huge as our love for each other
My vision of you
Overpowers all of my other senses.


Ile ni grao ya ya khati
Na ile ni ya futa, na ile ni ya reso
Zile bushes ni grao ya birikicho
Mimi ni pro wa kugeuza matchboxes into playing cards
Mimi ndiye nilikuwa referee wa bano hapa kwa hii ghetto
Kwa mdomo nachew collar ya shati nikijitayarisha kutoa uamuzi wa ni timu gani kali hapa
Mimi ndiye kusema, lakini si ile time mama ako around
So leo nimeamkia news za kale kadem kangu Sheila ati malnutrition imekaua, kwa nini?
Anyway, cases ka hizo tumezoea hapa.
Mama, wamekuwa zaidi ya watano hii wiki babangu ni mgani?
Ama hiyo story nikanyagie yaani
Nafungua mlango kutoka nje, aah nyumba yetu haikuwa na mlango na tulifeel so secure tusibishane
Hakukuwa na dirisha, ata ungefeel kujoin spotPesa ndo uWinDoh
Hapo nje naona cuzo yake Sheila kwa mkono ako na manati
Sijui nini ama nani anataka kuaim but ni ka ako out of stones
Mkono ya left ndo imeshikilia sengenge ni kama he’s the boy on the fence
Miguu yake tupu ni aje angeBear hiyo pain?
Machozi inampa blurry vision ni aje angeoversee his future?
Rubish imetapakaa kila pahali anashangaa mbona kuishi hapa wazazi waliTaka
Ni nini hicho kingemzuia kuwa pedi na alitaka kuwa juu ya wengine?
Sai hana hadi zile sleepers za bata, angeafford aje kuku?
Anawaza sana ungedhani anaload airtime vile kichwa alikuwa anascratch
Hii ni ghetto anyway.
Niko hapa
Hapa ghetto
Sielewi mbona joto la kifamilia la kisiasa linazidi
Niaje nahisi joto sana na hip-hop mi ni fan?
Politician wetu hajawahi tembea juu maji ka yesu but niaje tunamPraise?
Ni lini last nilikula? sikumbuki
Hii ni ghetto
Yenye wanadai hawatanibetray na already washanikiss
Hawawezi nideny but already jogoo ashawika
Ghetto naumia, nitafunguaje roho na wameninyima spanner?
Kusota imenihit design mi hubonga na poverty like we’ve ever met before
Sijapata job bado but ni juu kila time nikitafuta mi husahau kutoa hongo
Sai hapa nina nia but sa wa kunionyesha njia ndo sina
Hapa, penye mwizi wa kuku huhukumiwa kifo na mwizi wa uhai anahukumiwa kuchunwa sikio
Penye madem night hours ni chuma moto
Utadhani wao ni Zakayo venye wako juu ya miti
Machali nao night hours kwa belt ni chuma baridi
Hii ni ghetto
Baridi, njaa, joto, wizi, abortion, kipindupindu, suicide na risasi ndo life ya hapa ghetto.
Thank God tulisurvive.


Wuonwa manie polo
Nyingi mondo omi luor
pinyruodhi mondo obi
Dwaroni mondo otimre e piny kaka timore e polo
Yie imiwa kawuono chiembwa ma pile pile
Wenwa gopewa
Kaka wan bende waseweyo ne jogopwa
Bende kik iterwa e tem
To reswa e lwet Ngama Rach
Thank you for making me one of Nyikwaramogi. It was a good life growing on riddles in #siwindhe. Grandmother was the presiding president of storytelling and games.
She used to give me easy riddles so that I’d mock-marry the most beautiful girl as a present, in the mock marriage.
I loved how she settled the arguments that erupted when she favored me in this.
Nyakalaga, Wuon Koth, thank you for her. For she taught us kindness to all people:
“For the eye you treated will look at you contemptuously.”,
To never underrate or underestimate: “for a hare is small but gives birth to twins.”,
To never judge one’s behavior: “for a cowardly hyena lives for many years.”
Jachwech, my moulder, thank you for her. She taught us why people die,
The value of a deformed child,
Qualities of an appropriate spouse,
What friendship is,
Why some people suffer,
And who owns the responsibility of a bad child.
Ruoth, thank you for her. For she told me to build a big house for my mama, for mama is the #Mikai for Wuon Wa, his great wife .
Ruoth, thank you for making me one of Nyikwaramogi,
People who taught me how to play #bao.
People whose girls obtained tattoos on their backs and had their ears pierced, oh what a beauty. People who have forbidden premarital pregnancy. People who would have their girls hold dancing competitions outside their mud walls with thatched roofs and floors smeared with cowdung,
With their their mothers grinding grains,
And their younger siblings grinding soil, imitating their mothers.
Am so happy Wuon Koth.
Ruoth, please make today’s generation teach our kids about sex and bride price and respect for marriage and the importance of maintaining ties with in-laws. God please help them.
And now, thank you again Nyakalaga, for Jokaramogi. Protect them from #juok and HIV and malaria and kwashiarkor. Keep the land by the lake safe.


“Na ritwa ria Awa
Na ria Maitu
Na ria Mwene Nyaga
Thai, thathaiya Ngai thai”
Ndizo words zilimark mwisho wa maombi yalotuweka hai
Hiyo time tulikuwanga fiti wallahi
Hiyo time kabla mzungu
Atubadilishie Mungu
Pale pale kwa nyumba ya Mumbi
Kabla mzungu akuje kutukitia kambi
Na kututifulia vumbi
Hakuwa na time ya kubisha
Ndo maana alikuja na bulldozer na kutuvunjia mlango
Alikam na already made up ways za kutudhalilisha
Na kutugeuzia mgongo
Tofauti ni gani?
Alitutoa chini ya mugumo na mlima na kando ya mito
Akatuingiza ndani ya kanisa
Na kutupatia elimu yenye iliondoa wasichana wetu unyagoni
Ona sasa,
Ona vile wao wako free sisi tukiwa slaves
Hawataki hata collabo si tungeunda kitu moja tuiite Black and White
Lakini sa za kwetu hawajawahi tambua
Same case na ile ya black lives
Ona wa kwao wanaitwa daktari
Wa kwetu wanaitwa waganga.
Aaaah natamani “thai thathaiya Ngai thai”.


She even doesn’t know my name
I don’t know her too I guess that’s why I call her butterfly
Coz when she dances, her arms move like butterfly wings, so beautiful
I don’t know her but I feel like I know all of her life episodes
From episode one to the one she’s acting right now
Anyone trying to mess up with her joyous mood
will get me doing something that will have me arrested
But am sure I’d be sailing on the streets in a couple of days
When she’s by my side
I feel like am freezing and boiling at the same time
Am not sure whether it’s fire or ice inside my veins
I just don’t know
And when I have an idea of what to surprise her with,
I’ll go ask the stream or forest for advice
Leaving her will give me heart disorders
Like a ticking time bomb,
Not a ticking time bomb
But booooom! Heart failure
When I touch her skin
I feel her life moving through my palms
And her blood and heart keeps me warm
She’s so expensive
But am pretty sure that, man can be bought
Her being not around is my silent killer, leave alone stress
She’s tough
But still got her charms
That keeps pulling me closer to her
I’ll never want to wake up on that day that she’ll leave
For she’ll leave me stressed out
And that’s not healthy
She’s my stranger lover.


Alidisappear from heaven akawa transformed into human form, extraordinary Jesus
Na vile alikuwa msimple hungedhania ata ni Mungu, secret agent
Kunilisha kando ya maji matulivu, Jesus the Shepherd
Ananipea mafunzo ya kwenda heaven, teacher Jesus
Ananicure of all illnesses, doctor Jesus
Nikiwa na yeye nasail through these waves, captain Jesus
Ananionyesha chenye naexpect kesho, prophet Jesus
Kuunganisha my broken pieces, carpenter Jesus
Haogopi kusimama mbele ya watu, public speaker
Teachings zake in parables, poet Jesus
Atarudi kuexpose the fake and real akitoanga hukumu, Judge Jesus.


Nikizaliwa senator aliwanga Obama
Ka huniamini uliza my mama
Ile time macoolkid wanakula choma
Aliniconvince mushroom ni nyama
Ile time wanachoose between flavors
Aliniconvince maziwa lala ni yorghut
Na kila time nikimuomba favors
Aliwanga always with a giving heart

So sai siendi kwa mama pima
Promise kwa mama nitakuwa navunja
Nikae ni kama nampima
Na sembe amesonga nimekuwa nikikunja
Kummake proud nitambuyia beamer
Na end of month namwahi za chama

Walikuwa wakikula mkate, blueband na jam
Nilitaka sana kuwaona kando
Ili kumaliza ile yangu ham’
Aliniwahi ugali na avocado
Nilitaka kumuuliza mbona udosi wetu hujakam
But nilijuwa angejibu time yetu bado
Na testimony yangu nafaham’
Angenipea hope nitaitolea ndani ya Prado

Sikufit kwa hiyo stage
I guess ni juu iliwanga ndogo
Nilidai waniongezee wage
La sivyo ningewageuzia mgongo
Wanipende ka ngoma za Sage
Ama pia ka zile lingala za Congo

Wananishinda wao ni one mi ni two
Nilipata success kwa dream tu
Niaje sai imedelay kucome true
Najifunza kuweka trust kwa yule aliye juu
Kwa nini sai mi huenjoy nyama na chapo?
Ni juu kwa ajili yangu Christ alikula kichapo

Sai wanapewa mabawa na ndorm
Mi napewa na Christ na hiyo ndo form
Ona kipawa nimepewa kwa song
Nawapea word wanakuwa strong
Rende ni ya Christ haijawahi kuwa wrong


O’ birds
You of colour
You fun creatures
Breeze crossing between your feathers
As you take rhythmic flights
Painted kites
Your friends enjoying the cactus flowers
Your cousins sitting on barbed wires
Your kids playing under raindrops
Your big guy flying fast
Chasing the late evening light
As you all sing moving songs
Full of long-standing words
That I’d listen to on repeat
O’ birds
What can I do to invite you in?
Coz am always left sad
As your hymns fade
When the moon darkens the night.


There’s no beach around
Where I’d spend my time being next to sunsets
No river around
Where I’d go fishing at dusk
But there are trees
That give me relief from the scorching sun
And a great feeling on every perfect fall morning
With their leaves dropping in a swirl
Accompanied by a smell
And earthiness of a forest after rainfall
Both oak
And pine
And larch
Some with narrow leaves
That look like green pens
Ready to work on some poetry on paper
Others with broad leaves
Painted with words
Like billboards on the streets of Nairobi
I find them so close
Like they are hanging above my bed
I enjoy watching them
Like they are dancing at my door
With wind swaying them
Making them look like they are zooming in towards my window
With a breeze
As if am inviting it to my living room
The living room to my house
My home
That’s the extension of me
My home,
That’s good for my soul.


The last evening we had a walk together
All bushes around us were a strawberry garden
The earth was made of chocolate
The dew on grass was milk
The sun rays were made of honey
The clouds in the sky were an art painting
The wind was a love song
Rain was warm shower
Mosquitos turned to butterflies
Stones to gold
Soil to omelette
My words on her ear were a poetic whisper
The path to her heart was a verse I’d try so hard to understand
Yet she allowed me through
And the sunset
Was a love story she’d listen to.


Juzijuzi tu amekuwa toddler
Damu mbichi so innocent
Born akiwa star
Hakuna ambaye angedhania angekuwa stu-bborn
Mamake alikuwa ndo Nerea na aliwitness akikam na sahani na akahope life yake itajawa na amani
Hakuwa na baba wa kumlipia further studies
Na mamake alifake it, so hakutambua mother nature

Shiko alipofika hiyo age aliamua kwenda Nairobi kutafuta furaha
I wish angejua ata angeenda Nakuru angepata Afraha
Akawa yule dem wa class
Kukuangalia tu within two minutes ashakusoma
Ungekam kwake bila outfit
Aki ya Mungu angekutoa out hungefit
Social media alikuwa celeb na followers wengi japo maadili hakufuata
Pale twitter, alishindwa kuwahandle
Hakuwahi fika Israel but alijiita mgaza.

Alipenda kuupdate playstore, ndo ilimfanya akuwe h-appy
Ye ni yule mdem atachagua food mchuzi
Ju ye huwanga choosy
Highschool hakufanya agriculture but ye ni expert wa weed na kupanda miti
Siku zake ziuwanga type mbili: kuna zile safe na zile unsafe.

Boy wake alikuwa wa kustone- Stone-Boy
Ama ukipenda wa kuburn-BurnaBoy
Boy mwenye alifanya na yeye mapenzi kinyume cha mapenzi
Boy msimple aliyeitwa Stivo but sa shida ni ati alitumia mihadarati
Boy mwenye kila dem, angemSmackDown Raw
Boy mwenye kwake alifaa kuwa therapist
But instead akaturn out kuwa the-rapist.

Shiko amesahau kushika kijiko sai anashika kiko akivunja mwiko
Badala ya kuvuta pumzi sai ye huvuta bangi
Yule mdem mwenye alikuwa student mbright vidifferent
Sai amepata D akitafuta rent
Ofcourse hakufunzwa na njia ya ukora
But sai kila kona akipiga polisi wanamsorora.

Kila time ye hujipata kwa ngori
Hakumbuki the last time alisema sorry
Akianza alikuwanga dreamchaser
Sai ye ni yule mdem wa makali bila chaser
Vile sai alikuwa na maboy wengi
Ata ungeshangaa kwani ana roho ngapi
Na akili light ka mtungi empty
Kweli furaha angeitoa wapi
Na last month anakumbuka hakuflow
Anashangaa kwani amebeba kijusi!
Na vile ata hajawahi pimwa sai anafeel ka ana maumivu.
Alivaanga wristwatch but kila day aliwanga out of time ni maquickie
Hakuwa referee wala hakuwa na whistle but alikuwa ule wa kublow
Hungewahi muona na bike but sai alikuwa pro wa kuride.

Hapo mbeleni ungempata amefunga leso
Mbele ya wazee akipata lessons
Sai ye hufunga leso mbele ya maboy akitaka ile mchezo.

Na for so long alitrainiwa kukaa akiwa virgin
Hakumbuki mafunzo ya kupenda hii maji
Innovation ndo aweze kujitafutia ganji
Sai ako idle beshte yake ni cannabis
Hajui hata ka ana kipaji
Kila kitu akijaribu ni I can’t do this
Her highness is so fake ka ya watu wa vela
So fake, ka nyuma ya Vera.

Kitambo ungemuattack angejipa defense
Sai hadi hajui ako wapi she’s the girl on the fence
Alisare story ya kukaa kwa kambi
Akitafuta wazee wenye vitambi
Sai anaishi kwa ile state ya hali sio hali
Although chenye kilikuwa kwa mind yake ni kupata mali
But ikamwacha kwa state ya kuvua suruali
Kwa moyo wake ashaanza kupata scar
Hadi anajiskia kuwa fan ya wakadinali.

Ashaanza kuona familia ikitumiwa rambirambi
Anashangaa nani atamuokoa
Anafeel amebeba nyingi dhambi
Angekuwa na uwezo angezikohoa
Kila kitu anaona hakimbambi
Anatamani ile siku moyo utapoa.

Amekuwa akidanganywa na texts za songs of Solomon
Kumbe ndani yake ni vitisho vya Revelations
Sai chenye anafanya ni lamentations
Ameshindwa kufumbua proverbs za hii life na so anafeel ako tirePsalm.

Depression imempeleka hosi
Na ni kweli hiyo Graph
Ilionyesha afya yake ilidrop na speed Khali
Akafeel ujanja wake umeisha
Ujanja wake wa sungura kuchanganya hao makaka, wenye alikuwa akicheque their cash
Ujanja wa nyani, leo amefika jangwani
Hana usaidizi kashikwa na nyama mdomoni
Anafikiria kurudi nyumbani kupreach changing ways
Kumbe hakuna cha charity begins at home
Anakumbuka ye ni prophet na huko ni hometown
Sai sa kila siku ni suicidal thoughts
Anaandika suicide note anaWrite to die.

Anafeel ka ako undersea
Vitu ameona kwa hii dunia wallahi hawezi unsee
Anafeel so tiny, masterd seed
Anashangaa kama atawahi kuwa a big tree
Sai ye ni mifugo bila pasture
Chenye anapitia sai, torture.

Anakumbuka vile beshte zake closer walikuwa wanampull
Sai hawako naye tena nine months later wanampush
Walikuwa magoalkeeper na yeye mpira
At first walimhug tight, then wakampiga teke
Tunnel yake huko mwisho haikuwa na light
Imeziba ni wapi atachukulia hiyo flight
Amepatana na noma mob hadi anashangaa kama atawahi kuwa wife
Vile tu ameteswa na pain kwa hii life
The only option ako nayo ni ile pain ya knife.

Shiko, aligo through this hadi ile time aliskia kuhusu Christ
Hakujua Jesus ni beshte alimpenda that much.

Aliskia kuhusu zake miujiza
Kabla amjuwe Christ alikuwa already ashamsearch.
Before azaliwe God alikuwa ashamjua
Before agive up God already alikuwa na plan
Plan ya kumuokoa, kutokana na madawa na beer
Plan ya kumsahaulisha zile mara mob ameumia
Plan ya kumpatia ile happiness amekuwa akitaka
Plan ya kumuinua, kutoka kwa jaa la taka
God alikuwa nayo ya kumpa longlasting peace na life everlasting

Sai anafeel ni wa Jesus kama Kabi, na ameamua life pamoja na God, ndo itakuwa her #NewWay.


It was under switched off lights
That i found myself
Drawing her every edge
Like I was an artist
Hitting her every inch
With my barely-there touch
Brushing on her
Like she’s invisible
And I’d tell
That she really was in love
With my handwriting
Gently from the soft diet
Right on top of her rib cage
to her pubic
Unlocking her erotic potential
She’ve been so wild in the bedroom
And I needed to tame her
And had her in tremors
And tingles in her pants
She really wasn’t dry
And like fantasies running wild in her mind
She looked thirsty
And she noticed
My thunderous passion
In leaving her quenched
That made her bite my ear
And whispered
“Please f*** me”.


My tongue flattens
and widens
twisting in long strokes
on the warm wet her
waiting for her to set loose
her love for the tongue
waiting for her to beg
and burn
and cry
tasting her
eating her body juice
consuming her out
i got her every corner
i filled her every gap
and gave her
a world of sensation
at the ready
to sinking deep into her.


come to me ready
with an extreme desire
to undress your soul
and mind
come to me ready to spend the night in the dark
darkness full of wickedness
ready to be dirty
and sticky
to splay your arms out on the sheets
and see my facial expressions
as I feel the air
rapidly making its way
through your vocal chords
come to me ready
for a thumping heart rate.


Dear God
Imekuwa long since niongee na wewe
Imekuwa long since nikupe worship na praise
Imekuwa long since nikuambie asanti
Imekuwa long since nikuletee shida za rafiki
Na nchi yangu
God, imekuwa long. Nisamehe

Ni mara ngapi umetumana good news kwangu but mi hukusnob nakataa kureply?
Ni mara ngapi umeniambia unanipenda nikakosa kujibu nakupenda pia?
Ukacall nikakosa kupick, ukabisha nikakosa kufungua?
Ni mara ngapi umenikumbusha vile ndege wa angani hukuimbia kila asubuhi, vile jogoo huko nje hukusifu kabla ata mi mwenyewe niamke?
Ni mara ngapi?

Ni mara ngapi nimekumbushwa ni wewe ndo ulinisamehe dhambi so long ago yet mi mwenyewe for over ten years nimekeep beef na jirani naskianga tu kulipiza kisasi?
Ni mara ngapi nimefeel mholy kumliko jirani nikakataa kuown up dhambi zangu?
Ni mara ngapi nimepatiana ulichonipea na nikabaki nikiboast na kubrag yet wewe mwenyewe ulinipea silently?
Ni mara ngapi?

Dear God
How many times have you wanted me to do what’s right yet I choose to do what’s easy?
How many times have you presented me with opportunities that tempt me to compromise my character ukiexpect sitafanya but still mi hufanya?

Ni mara ngapi umebless neighbor yangu zaidi yangu ukiexpect nikuwe thankful for the little that I have but instead mi hucomplain?
Umenifunza kuwa thankful ata ile time niko stressed up na life but ni mara ngapi mi hufeel sina reason yoyote ya kuwa thankful nikaona tu zile opportunities nimemiss?
Ni mara ngapi?

Ni mara ngapi umetaka nisiworry but still mi huworry na kufanya worries zangu zikae kubwa kukuliko nikadoubt powers zako?

Ni mara ngapi umetaka nijifunze kupitia wengine but instead nimekuwa nikijicompare na wao nikasahau uliniumba nikiwa a unique masterpiece?
Ni mara ngapi?
Ni mara ngapi nimelenga word yako for movies na pleasures za kimwili?
Ni mara ngapi nimeenda against your ways?

Ni mara moooob
Ni mara mob
Ni mara countless
Countless to infinity
But God still
Ni mara mob umekuwa mwema kwangu
Ni mara mob umekuwa wa second chances
Ni mara mob umekuwa God of forgiveness
Ni mara mob umekuwa God of love and mercy
Ni mara mob grace yako imeingilia kati na kunioshea anxieties zangu
Ni mara mob
Ni mara mob umenipenda
Ni mara mob umenipenda
Na ni mara mob unepromise hutaniacha…


Nina dakika sufuri ya kuandika haya
Dakika sufuri ya kusimama kwa stage na kushare good news kwa a thousand people
Nina dakika sufuri ya kuinstill belief kwa mtu fulani ambaye si yeyote yule
Ni mtu ambaye ashapoteza njia na anahitaji kuipata tena Nahitaji kumuonyesha alivyokuwa great nimsaidie kufocus Nataka kumuonyesha jinsi ya kuamka kila asubuhi akiwa na passion ya life.

Nina dakika sufuri, ya kucreate life.
Nataka kucreate life yenye traits exactly ka zangu.
Nina dakika sufuri, ya kufanya kitu moja nzuri yenye itaovershaddow maovu
Chenye kitawafanya wabelieve ati pia nice things can happen for no reason

Nina dakika sufuri ya kupelekea mgonjwa wa cancer maua pale hospitalini
mgonjwa ambaye sijawahi patana na yeye, nispend time na yeye
Ikuwe kitu ndogo nzuri yenye itachange pattern yake ya life.

Nina dakika sufuri ya kuandikia yule mentor wangu barua
Of course chenye alinipatia ni so valuable na hakuwahi expect back na kama si yeye pengine singeachieve chenye nimeachieve
Nina dakika sufuri ya kumshukuru.

Nina dakika sufuri ya pia mimi kumentor mtu
nataka kushare experience yangu na yule ambaye eventually atanioutgrow
Nataka kuwa giant, naye kufikia peak ya mlima atumie mabega yangu kama ngazi

Nina dakika sufuri, ya kumtafuta mpenzi ambaye nahisi kiukweli amejificha
Ye ni treasure
Halafu nisisahau ile phrase ya “happily there after”

Hii dakika sufuri, ndo bado ninayo ya kumeet hero wangu
Nimekuwa nikimwona tu kwa TV
But sai nataka kumpa handshake tuongee mambo so deep.

Nina dakika sufuri ya kuandika kitu ambayo itashape future ya mtu na ambayo itainspire. Na before hii dakika sufuri iishe, nataka kuwa nimeacha legacy.


Within the waters
a girl grew
Her fins swift
Always moving with the currents
Her heart of scales
Hard and always going against all odds
She swam with fish
Giving herself kindness
And self_trusting
between their tails
Until a stranger came
With built up confidence
And narrowed down pickup lines
And relaxed
Hitting on her with not aggressive compliments
He dared approach her while she was not at leisure
And she was smitten by him
She didn’t see any threat
He wasn’t any close to being a serial killer
She got convinced that he was the “one_shot” at true love
He gave her his phone number
Instead of taking hers
And together
They built their own ocean.


I stood at the foreshore
With my arms wide open
She’s the onshore breeze that hit me
And gave me
The freedom to freshness
And pleasure
And made me know my weakness
Opening my eyes to see the ocean
As a forgotten poetry book
A sketched book with no publisher
We came here to give it life
We cuddled
As we watched the currents write verses
The magic sound of the big waters creating love quotes
The strong waves threatening to hit us
But seemed to show mercy on reaching us
We made love to its rhythm
At this very coast
Full of poetry.


I asked her to pick it for me
So that I could gaze at her as she bent
And watch the rainbow_like arch formed as she rose back to an erection
And the calculations she made on her steps as she drew closer
I Requested her to go open the window
So that I could watch her flexing moves
As she went for the illumination
I asked her to turn on the music
So that I could watch her dance to her favourite song
And later watch her jump to the bed as it faded.


She was this kind of tree only I could climb
This type of mountain only I could hike
My fragile wine glass
Smashable egg
Frail light bulb
I had to take care of her
Others saw her as a rough road
They couldn’t trek
A kinda storm they couldn’t stand
So delicate flower petals they couldn’t tend to.


Walking along the beach
I shifted my focus
From the beauty of the ocean
To underneath my feet
And what came to my naked eyes
A bunch of unremarkable brown sand
But to my surprise
I saw your heart
A treasure
So tiny but very expensive
You blew my mind
To tell you the truth
You were like crafted bead
Not the pile of grains I wipe out of my feet after a day at the beach
You had your own original story
Beautiful montage
That not everybody can see
I picked your heart in the sand
And am still interested
In capturing the every bit of you
That I would have seen and ignored.


You know I am a screwdriver
Made of soft metal
And I wanna make you my screw
You know that anytime you look sexy
I strip off
And become so hot

I am sometimes long
And of heavy-duty
And can make you twist your hip joint
I can screw the inside of you
And feel the depth of your dent

I am sometimes small
And thick
And stubby
So good for your tight crater

If you trynna be a stubborn screw
I’ll fit myself into you
And put as much pressure as I can
And strike with some force
To your deep end
Until you pop out

On the threads of you
I’ll put some beeswax
Or soap
To drive you more easily

I know I can break as I do this
I’ll be more careful.


She used to
Call me lion before then
At times
She’d call me “simba”
And I really had to
Roar my love out
She came over but
I didn’t know
She was looking for intimacy
And after it
She whispered to my ears
“you are a star”
What I wonder is
Why she’s been quiet since then
I guess she took
A different stand
After that one_night.


Something crosses her mind
She closes her eyes
She opens her heart
A hidden miracle comes to light.

Something crosses her mind
She closes her eyes
She opens her nostrils
My poetry is in her lungs.

Something crosses her mind
She closes her eyes
She opens her mouth
Soul recognising vibes flow.

Something crosses her mind
She closes her eyes
She opens her eyes
And it’s I lost in them.

Something crosses her mind
She closes her eyes
She opens her mouth
And drinks me in.

Something crosses her mind
She closes her eyes
She opens her ears
All she hears is my whispers.

Something crosses her mind
She closes her eyes
She opens her heart
And finds a chance
To snoop into my soul.

She sits down there
And all the words I wrote
She wants them
All over her body.


You passed at a distance
You saw me
But you didn’t think I saw you
You were still
in my thoughts when I saw you
I could feel
The warmth of your body
From our last hug
Days ago
So raw
So fresh
As if we just stopped hugging,
And now
What I miss is your touch
As if I never held you.


Dear God
The great and awesome God
Too often I take
For granted what you do for me it’s like am fake
You took my sins_
My sins
I can’t do that in exactly the same way
You’ve done it for me anyway
But I pray that you teach me daily
To be an intercessor for my own family
Church and the nation and for all those put under probation
Teach me to identify so that I might be a vehicle of your salvation.

Dear God, it hasn’t been so simple
I have sinned against you, against me and against your people
I have done what I wasn’t supposed to do
I haven’t done what I was supposed to do
I have said what I wasn’t supposed to say
I haven’t said what I was supposed to say
Oh Lord
The great and awesome God
Who keeps His covenant of love
With all those who love
I admit that I have sinned and done wrong
I have been wicked I haven’t been singing your song
I have not listened to your word
I have made your prophet’s work hard
But God you sent your son
Born of a woman under the sun
Born under law
To redeem those under law.

Forgive me my sins
The ones I know and the ones they’ve never seen
Lord I know I’ve probably forgotten
Some of the things I’ve done and said but are rotten.
I believe it doesn’t mean you won’t forgive them
You are a merciful God that’s what I tell them
Yes Lord I know I can’t
Remember all the sins I’ve committed coz no human can
But God you know them all
And you’ve promised to forgive them if I believe in Christ to which I do all in all.

When I was dead in my sins you made me alive with Christ
You forgave me all my sins not some of my sins and that, I can not fight
Your son took the punishment I deserved
He died on my place I got reserved
He had no sin but on the cross
All my sins were placed on Him I now feel like a boss.


I roamed
Through puzzled forests
Up the winding hills
And along dark tunnels
Most of which
Had no light at the end
Just to join my soul with yours
Soul so blessed
Soul full of light
Yet you are darkness
For it’s in you
That I found my star
Coz missing your soul comes with calamities
Yesterday I cried trembling to the ground
It was earthquake
Today am drowning in floods
Of love
And rare divine feelings
You are just a perfect thing
Of rare magic
And wild beauty.



They called her weirdo
and freaky
And irregular
The trend unfollower
But I knew the truth
She unintentionally charm people
With her weird too pulling power
Only she and I knew that
When I get to her nerves
She’ll pull out
And leave me to clean up
But I trained myself
To own that very true her
And for sure
I’ll never let her go.


I want you to see me
The way you see that container
Of strawberry flavored yoghurt
Opening up softly
And carefully
Staying thick and still
To be sipped
Through your thirsty lips
See me powerless to your eyes
Yet not afraid.


My room was empty
For a long time
And then she came
And slept beside me
For many days
And in those many days
We began to bond in souls
Like tea fuses through a slice of bread
It finding a way through it
And it finding a way through it.


I very well remember that moment
The sensuous talks we had
The dim lights filling the room
The fragrance of expensive perfume.

I held you close by your waist
And pinned you closer to my body
You bend a little on your back
As my hands supported you.

I remember that moment
When your hands cupped my face
And we were less than a breathe away
With our noses rubbing against each other
Eyelashes connected
Your eyes against mine
Oh what a feeling
Of affection that washed over us
Fluttering arose
Giving out an erotic rush.

I gently bit your neck
Then to your earlobe
And kept sucking it
You got prepared
Coz a fire was starting up
It was a hint
For an upcoming romantic show.

I sucked your lip between mines
Then the tongue strokes became rapid
Like how a lizard sticks out its tongue,
That’s exactly what was happening
The level of intimacy we shared was high
Kiss so intimate
So arousing
You weren’t shy
From letting out those moans of satisfaction
You became weak in the knees
And I was left craving for more.

We did it right
And created magic
That had power to bind
And behold our senses.


There are shadows in my eyes
Darkness in my sight
Blood boiling inside my veins
Alongside the clotting arteries
It’s so hot
And still cold from within me
Like acid is under my skin
Tears down my cheeks
Sobbing with my running nose
Earwax excessive
All sounds are muffling
My tongue tasting bitter
Throat so soar
Awful feeling in my soul
Secrets deep in my heart
Chaos in my mind
Feeling like hell’s broken loose
Like am in a madhouse
Plus the havoc
My whole aching body
But my strong feet
They carry them all.


She wants me
To be the hottest boy piece in the planet
She wants to let me in
She wants me to study the invisible her
To have a touch
Of the most sensitive part of her
She wants some lube
For my strong thick log
She wants to get
A sweet sugary filling inside her
She’s good with it being smelly
And sticky
And scary
She is ready
To give up a piece of herself to me
She wants us to have a blast
She’ve turned me to a pornstar
And I ain’t ready
To let her down
I am a lion
She hears me roar
I ain’t allowing an inch of doubt
Get stuck in my mind
Am shaking off my nerves
And making myself want to maintain that vibe.


She looked at her past
All the pain she’d been through
All that she badly wanted that time
But didn’t get
All that she was offered
But didn’t want
All that she wholly or partially hated
What she did at that time
What she didn’t do that time
What she could have said
But didn’t say
What she shouldn’t have said
But still said,
All of which she gave a hand
Willingly or forcefully
How she grew out of religion
How she first had sex at fifteen
The many partners she racked up
Those she cheated on
Those who cheated on her
The much time she spent on boys
Her first tutor lover just before graduation
She just couldn’t allow herself
Get haunted by her past
She just wished that
These things be the ones that
The world wouldn’t have paid attention to
She would prefer to sweep them under the rag
She hoped for the best from him
Not to judge her bad history.

He looked at his future
And thought
Of the woman he longed for
He saw only her
She had qualified
For some sort of serious long-term role in his life
He had to keep his eye out
Of her history
And couldn’t care about her past
He wasn’t ready to deal with the
And doubt
And distrust
He knew she was young at that time
She was immature
But now had grown
For all that had happened to her
She deserved his sympathy
But not suspicion
Wanting to know about her early life
He knew would be the hard pill
Too sour to swallow
The tigress had changed her stripes
And he wanted zero past-checking on her
All that he wanted is to stumble his way
Into nothing but a happy
And long-life love life
That would never tear down
Together they decided
To start from the present.


She was young at mind
She wanted something
His mind talked to him
Told him to get ready
To patiently explain
That he had no that something
He offered her a hug
And surprised her with gifts
But nothing else
Would appease her
Other than love
His thoughts took him
To their old age as a couple
He couldn’t just act
Like a spoiled child
He wanted to be a strong
and a confident individual
A diligent provider
A passionate
And a caring lover to her
Brave protector
Problem solver
Careful listener
A safe port in a storm
A friend she could depend on.
His mind
Had her as the perfect image
Of a woman
He promised to try his best
To never get angered
By her words
Together they lived happily
In their youth
With hopes
Of never breaking up
She was his queen
Of the universe.


I got you
You got me
We got each other
I already gave you permission to kiss me in any language you want
Permission to hold me in any angle you want
Permission to turn me
Like pages of a book
Your love is truly contagious
I got exposed to it
I got infected
And am slowly dying of it
I love you because
Of how you spend your free time
Determining how to stop my fears
How to deal with my insecurities
Because of how your touch
Is so warm
To even touch my dreams
I feared losing you to those cuter cubs
But you told me I was the cutest
That my beauty is seducing
That my waistline
Was perfectly trimmed
Your soul is rare
It made me believe in magic
The way you hold me
Like a trophy
Some supernatural powers
Get instilled in me
The way you look at me
With your invisible eyes
I feel like
You see right through me
I feel like your love
Has held me hostage
Nowhere I go is free
With me without your words
Let’s be like the river
Come let me make you come
Come bring your ear
Near my lips
Let me whisper
Our love story
Let’s flow in one motion
Of this endless love
The love I’d die for.


Today she couldn’t
Shy away from the sun
And hide from
Its shunning light
Soaking up in it
Was her good idea
She couldn’t deny

Her morning daylight exposure Was brighter than never
All she could feel like
Is reaping the sunshine vitamin While working out
To shed off those extra pounds And trim her waistline

As she did all this
She remembered the one
Who called her “Queen”
And the way these rays Penetrated into her skin
That’s exactly how
They could melt together
That’s how
She was fused into him.


As fine wine in a glass
She laid still on his chest
He could smell
The fragrance of her hair
And his tongue
Could sense her sweetness
Together they were
In this vineyard
She was his grapes
He was her gardener
He kept her
And she gave him
balanced liquor
Love so concentrated
He got drunk in it
And just as a flea
She couldn’t stop clinging
On his nerves.


She had two thoughts
Am going to love him
No am not gonna love him
He too had two thoughts
Am going to own her
No am not gonna own her

She minused the second thought
She remained with the first
He minused his second though
He remained with the first
She moved a step to the left
He moved a step to the right

They gave each other
A bonding opportunity
A chance to love
And own each other
Then one plus one
Became a big one.


She chewed her ego
He swallowed his pride
Together they ate
The food of love
Until they were full

He worked for strength
She was his weakness
Together they had a bond
That made their love firm
Nothing could break it

They lit a fire
Full of motion
Its sparks whirling
Through the night air
And arching upwards
Towards the sky

Its flickering flames
Reflected on her face
And made her man’s eye balls
Get animated
with heart shapes
Their love got hot in it

Under the dark evening
In the silent outside
In a view of the stars
Holding tight
To the warm each other
He could see her dimples.


God is really wonderful
Think of the earth’s position
Third from the sun
Or the air you breath
How oxygen gets into your lungs
As carbon(iv)oxide gets out without a confusion
Or the blowing wind
How its not tangible
And yet uproots the strongest of the trees
Or the clouds
What keeps them floating in the air
Or the well structured topography
The hills
And the valleys
Or just the geometry
of nature’s general mystery
Like water
Never flowing uphills
Like gravity
Never allowing objects up the sky
Like rain
Forming from the clouds
Like lightning
Its superspeed
Like day and darkness
Their boundary
Like earthquake
Where do it really come from?
Look at the snail
Or the tortoise
Inside a shell
They got a home
Look at the bee
And its sting
Its a gurd of its own
Look at the ants
They got a queen
And much unity in their kingdom
Look at the birds of the air
They don’t work
But never lacks food
Look at the fish
It gets enough oxygen under water
Just look
Look at us
How we sin everyday
Yet His love and mercies
Are still upon us.
How He’s slow to anger
How He’s of second chances
How He sent His only son
To die on our behalf.


The book
Gently lies in my palm
The word
The power
The strength
The authority
God’s will
All in my palm

The author,
Raises the dead
Heals the sick
Comforts the bereaved
Feeds the hungry
Father to orphans
Husband to widows
Gives justice to the oppressed
Provides for the poor
Uplifts the lowly
He holds the universe

This book gives life
With words
As sharp as sword
And cuts back and forth
With words
As bright as the sun
It shines to all corners
Of the world
With words
As precious as gold
Nothing is expensive as it
With words
Wise as never before
That teach even teachers
With words that Touch
Touching from the skin
To the veins
To the nerves
To the blood
To the heart
To the mind
To the soul

The book with stories
Stories so sweet
With sweet words
Sweet thoughts
Full of God’s love
Words more real
Words more applicable
Words very artistic
Words so pretty
Words so colourful
So perfect
Words of all ages
From the old to the new.

All this in my palm

I am reading the Bible.


Her head on his chest
Eyes half closed
Slow steady breathing
To his heartbeat
Quiet in warmth
Of his skin
Hands moving
Up and down his ribs
Exploring to know
Where she really came from
He was the one
She talked to until late
Until nothing was left
To discuss
He was her joy.


Baby, Baby,
Baby let’s make a baby”
Its all started with baby lets make a baby
On mine, your lips were heavy
Thick and so full
You held me tight
I felt like am passing through you
Then you stopped
Stared at me
Like you were craving for me
Like you wanted me really bad
Like you wanted to start a fight with me
Like you were a vampire waiting for its last blood drop
The way you grabbed my collar
And pulled me towards you
It was evident that you wanted
To fully own me
I couldn’t resist.

You moved up and down
Keeping your mouth on my tip
You dropped your breasts
Steady hard nipples
My tongue craving for them
And took me full to your mouth
Feeling your tickling teeth
Feeling your throat
Your warm
And thick lips
Tightening my diameter
I groaned like
I was being slain
Like I was in deep pain
And I dropped
My middle finger
To have a taste
Of your clit
So fleshy
So wet
And it penetrated
In search of your G
As tight as you were
As warm
And wet, as it was.

Grabbing your butt
I felt the beat of your heart
Fatty as butter
So very well padded
I pressed it
And it pressed back
You moaned to that rhythm
My left hand fingers grabbed your hair
My right middle finger
Still in search of your G
But first was your clit
My lips tickling your nipples
As hard as they were
And whoof
Down there you were wet
In there I had spotted the spot
A touch to it and you trembled
Like you were hit by thunder
And whooow
That couldn’t be enough
You pushed my head from your chest
Down your novel
To your hair-free vag
My head in between your feet
Was my tongue-game high?
Of course yes because of how you pinched me
You slapped me
You scratched me
You bit me
Threw your feet in the air
You screamed out the all in you
And held my hard log really hard
I guess you felt its veins
As blood pumped fast through them
You pulled it closer to you
A sign of the post-foreplay
And made it play
With the front of you
One of a kind love making
You were going out of breath

And we became really busy under the sheets
The ones below you were wet
With filthy sweetness
And then followed a young “fuck me baby”
And I new that
You couldn’t stand my strokes
I hit them hard
Initiating a squirt
And yes, baby we made a baby.


I sold my soul

And the price was priceless

Paid with the most costly thing

Most precious





And life

Of another superior being

An almighty being

Who compressed himself

To human form

Living as human

Without changing his true form

He bought my soul

With his life as the price

Christ now owns me.


You are beautiful
Amazingly beautiful
Your size
Your shape
Your color
You are undoubtedly my greatest creation
Am inclined to the whole of you
Your hair
Your lips
Your breast
Your hips
Your butt
Your feet
They all give me a taut arousal
They drive me crazy.

It is true
That beauty lies
Deep within a woman
And that a man falls in love
With the inner beauty of a woman
But I have to admit that
Am wired to the physical you
Let me say that the whole of you
Is the best of my woman.

When you wear a deep cut blouse
When you are in your jeans with a crop top
The way your butt fits
In your denim
And leaves me tempted
To grab them
Reveals to me
Your sexy cleavage
Making me go nuts.

Your shaped covered body
Gives me a sense of curiosity
And a mystery is created in my mind
Of what is hidden inside
It leaves me with a weird fantasy
It is a complete turn on for me.

Your feet
Are Pretty
And soft
Perfectly manicured
Perfectly painted
When you put them in stilettos
They create pleasure in my thoughts.

Your back
Is sexy
And curvy
The way you stretch it out
arching it
And give me a view to your butt line
Makes me wanna have you
Beneath my sheets.

Your stomach
Is flat
And pretty
The hottest I’ve ever seen
A sight of it
And am hot under the belt.

Your hair
Is so long
And makes me feel proud
I love it when it tickles my skin
When we are making love.

Your hips
You know right
That they are sexy
That’s why you sway them
Provocatively in front of me
They are curved
And fleshy
They make me go insane and wild.

Your lips
So full
They get me looking at you twice.

Your smile in them
Leaves me visualizing
About kissing you.

Your eyes
Are sexy
And teasing
You just gave me a glance
And I feel like
They are sending a message
Like they want me really bad
Like they want to see
Upto my innermost insecurities.

And when we stare at each other
There are always
Some whispers of
“I love you”.


Najua umejawa na kinyongo,
Unatamani uniuwe,
Usichojuwa ni sina moyo,
Badala yake nina jiwe,
Kiporo ni wako uchoyo,
Ulokauka kuliko tumbawe.

Endelea kunichimba,
Nipige pia na vijembe,
Navyoona unayo mimba,
Kitakachozaliwa ni uzembe,
Waugua moyo wenye magamba,
Katu siumezei tembe,
Ngozi yako kama ya mamba,
Haikatiki hata kwa nyembe.
Nishakuzoea na wako ubatili,
Haujamjua mungu we bado kafiri,
Ila unamjua ibilisi ashakufunza ukatili,
Alishakuchanganya na akili,
Na kukupa fulani umahiri,
Umahiri wa kutokubali,..
Kuwa kuna njia halali,
Za binadamu kujipatia mali.

Ulijaribu kujisawishi kwa kuvunja watu mbavu,
Na sasa unajaribu samaki kumkunja hali yake kavu,
Paukwa, pakawa pako pakavu,
Umenuna, wenzako wote ushawavurishia shavu,
Ulidhani utawaumiza kumbe wewe ndo ungebaki na kovu.

Unachozungumzia ni shibe na jirani hajakula,
Usingizi na siku mbili jirani hajalala,
Sahau ata kulala pa kulala ndo balaa,
Katu hadhani kama atawahi ondokewa na ufukara,
Yeye na familia ni hisia za kuku kuchakura,
Ashachoshwa na mambo mengi hasa misimu ya kura,
Madeni anayo hadi Tala,
Kila kukicha humpigisha sala.

Tabia unazofanya hazifai,
Unaishi kama usodhamini uhai,
Kutembea na unakoenda hujui,
Iwe ni masimulizi au umbea hautambui,
Ila nachokuombea ni rai,
Jaribu kuwa mwema katu usiwe mui.


Poetry of all ages
Art of all times. It was first with God
God himself is art
God spoke the word
The Bible
Then it became spoken
Spoken word.
He then sent His Holy Ghost
To guide poets
Job the patient
Arithmetically put down the issue
Of life and suffering
Psalms of David
Full of patterns of rhythm
Full of repeated phrases
And words of the wisemen
Depicts God’s nature
And proved
The vanity of all under the sun
Song of songs
Full of love verses, and romance for the treasured.
God is the sole initiator of poetry.
It is by poetry
That we put out what is in us
By poetry we romove all our doubts
Nobody can,
Nobody can twist the word.


Bebi, Darling,
Nakumbuka vile nilikuwa nakuita bebi unajibu “yes darling”,
Kumbukumbu zangu za zile enzi,
Urembo wako ni kweli nilikuwa nimepata,
Ngozi rangi kama ya Lupita,
But dream yangu kukupata ulishaigeuza invalid imepita,
Ka Kemboi nilikimbilia kukupenda, but sai,
Umeniacha narun mad ni wapi naenda?
Vile sai visiting kwangu umepunguza nashuku ile phrase ya no “human is limited”,

Ulikuwanga wangu nikakuita mpeeenzi,
Na kukupenda kisheeenzi,
Ila ni kweli nilikuwa msheeenzi, ukanifanya bumbuazi,
We mkaidi yaani mkia wa mbuzi,
Sifa mbaya hiyo japo sifa ni sifa ulijipandisha ngazi.
Wewe kunitesa na feelings zangu ulidhani we ni queen bee,
Aaaaah aah samahani hukujua mpenzi we ni nzi,

Nilidhani wewe ni kuku kumbe kanga,
Nilitaka uwe mke wangu niwe nakununulia kanga,
Mbona sasa?
Ama ni vile ulidharau kazi yangu ya umakanga,
Najutia hayo sikuyaona, niliona tu shingo yako ya upanga,
Na ndo maana sai you’ve already cut me off your life kama panga.

Mimi nilikula chai na kdf nikijaribu kukaa ngumu,
Ndo wewe nikulishe chipo, pizza na indomie ka mtoto wa sossy
Nilijaribu, vyakula vyako vyote vya kukaanga,
Sikujua busara ndo sikuwahi patanga,
Ama nilikuwa nayo but kidogo ka ya kifaranga,
Bidii yangu hukuiheshimu na salary, yangu kidogo iliyonifanya niizunguke sayari, at times nilihata church service nikaitwa kafiri, ukasahau ya upwa kugaagaa,
Ahaaaaah vile nakuona naona mambo yako yakienda kombo hadi utatafuta mganga.

Kwa ajili yako nilifanya kazi kama punda nikalia,
Kwani uliniona mi pundamilia?
Nikakupeleka shopping Tuskys,
Hukutaka kujua how hard that task is,

At times nilikula githeri,
Mdogomdogo nikifikiria vile nitakulipia mahari,
But hata hukujali kunijulia hali.

At times nikakupatia noti,
Maybe nilidhani ungekuwa mnaughty,
Nikuimbie love songs ka Tokodi,
But madharau yako yakazidi konki,
Nilikufungulia roho yangu but hukukaribia hata kupiga hodi.

Kuna time walinionya marafiki pia na ndugu,
Sikuskia dawa mjinga mimi donda ndugu,
Niliwawakia moto ati vile nakupenda,
Nikasahau ni kweli moto huzaa jivu upesi,
Nilizaa jivu, useless,
Though sai nimeshachanuka, we ni muuzaji gazeti tu,
Mi ni mwandishi niko juu,.

You were once my lover,
But so sad its now over.


If you think
That God has forgotten you
Answer the following questions
Where were you
When God was laying
The foundation of the earth
Do you know
Where the earth’s foundation is
Do you know
Where gravity is
Where were you
When God was giving
The ocean its boundaries
Do you know the boundary
Between darkness and light
Do you know boundaries
Between seasons
If you are man enough
Tell me the way
To follow darkness
One solution for you
Follow Christ.


I hope that
When mummy first held me
It was with
Coffee berry scented hands
It was with
Hands aching in the palm
It was with
Hands with pain in the wrist
Hands with difficulties
In performing day-to-day tasks
Hands with numbness
Whose owner
Was in high fever
The hands
Were covered with tattered clothes
Sprinkled with coffee juice
The hands were tired
Due to repetitive work in the farm
Those hands
Were of a coffee picker
They seemed to be weak
But were strongest of all
Having been rained on
And hit by the merciless
Scorching sun rays
She held me
Owned me
Called me “dad”
For those hands
Am going to buy
A bracelet
A splint
A ring
My obedience
Is going to be
Their pain reliever.


Mzee wangu, natumai hapo ulipo pema,
RIP, afadhali wewe ulishaenda mapema,
Kwa sababu yale ungeyaona leo mate lazima ungeyatema,
Juu wanayoyafanya wako serious lakini ungedhani wanakupima,
Samahani mzee, sikuandikii kukubebesha lawama,
Nataka ujuwe sisi ulotuacha nyuma,
Mandumakuwili hatuna mbele wala nyuma.

Dunia ya sasa imejawa vioja,
Vya ghali utavipata kwenye toja,
Warembo wa kwetu kazi wanafanya ni kuonjaonja,
Roho walishazigeuza ngumu kama za soldier.

Wanauza sura ndo wanaume wetu wanunue ngono,
Wao nao hawatosheki na wake zao kuna za uchi ziuitwa pono,
Ndo wakirudi nyumbani performance ka konokono,
Tofauti ni fikra zao zenye mbio kama Kiprono,
Kisha maswali yanaibuka eti kilitoka wapi kisonono.

Wasichana uliowaacha walikuwa na kipaji,
Kuchanja kuni na hata mtoni kuchota maji,
Maneno machafu katu walikuwa hawataji,
Kwa watoto walijua kufanya upakataji,
Siku hizi hao hushindana kuwa majimaji,
Kaa la moto kwenye kidonda washageuka wasagaji,
Hawazungumzii mambo haya kama vile ubakaji,
Na swala la wanaume wawili kugandana kama maji na saruji.

Mzee wangu, wake zetu walishatupa talaka,
Nadhani huko uliko ushaskia binadamu mnyama anabaka,
Ama mwingine sehemu zingine mafuta anapaka,
Ama pia kila kirembo kikipita anataka,
Na akishapata anakigeuza takataka,
Na kukiacha kama mimba ndo mpira ashadaka,
Na moyo wake pia kama mboga ashaukatakata,
Tabia hizi kweli mzee ni za walotakata?

Mzee, huku niliko dada zetu mimba wanatoa,
Na malipo ya kutoa waume wao ndo wamewapea,
Si halali mzee hilo bado hawajatambua,
Ni dhambi kwa mwenye enzi nilidhani wanajua,
Isitoshe ngozi zao hawataki kuridhia,
Maisha ya wale wa juu wanataka kukaribia,
Wanataka kuwa theluji kwa hivyo wanachibua,
Sauti yao yabusu hadi hujui ukunekune au kupapasua.

Mzee wangu, ulotuacha tulikuwa waswahili wa Pemba,
Wenye nyoyo nyeupe ungedhani pamba,
Na sasa naona hatujuani kama tushavua vilemba,
Walio nazo wanakula na kusaza huku wenzao hawana hata cha kulamba,
Wamekonda kama kamba,
Huku wao wamejaa utadhani mamba,
Ni kweli utu kwao umekuwa haba,
Na ndo maana hata kwa mapenzi hakuna mahaba,
Hakuna yeyote anayetambua njia ya msalaba,
Na wale wanaotambua ujuzi wao bado ni bapa,

Chuki nimezoea ni kati ya mbwa na paka,
Paka na panya,
Panya na nyoka,
Nyoka na binadamu,
Ila hii kati ya binadamu na binadamu,
Bado kuijua nina hamu.

Kuna wakati ulituambia kuwa akili ni nywele,
Ila tunavyojuwa saa hii ni kuwa nyinyi wazee ni yaliyopita si ndwele,
Kwa kweli mzee haya mapuuza yamezidi uwele,
Kama vile wanasiasa wametufunza kulipiza kisasi,
Sauti za daku za kina mama zimenyamazishwa na risasi,
Tumelazimishwa kuasi zetu hasasi,
Tulizoletewa nyepesi tumezinatia upesi,
Zimetufanya tuamini ujana ni moshi,
Ndo manake vijana wanachopuliza na kupumua ni moshi,
Mzee wangu si haya yatatuletea mikosi?
Tafadhali huko uliko tuombee tupate nafasi.


How he came to her life
She couldn’t tell
She opened up her mouth
And said “yes”
Before it could close
He had gotten into her
Inside her
He cuddled to himself
She was uneasy
He acted quickly
He attacked her nerves
He disabled her muscles
He made her paralyzed
From the head
To the body
Until she couldn’t breathe
He got into her bloodstream
She felt like
Her blood was clotting
Like it was leaking
Her blood pressure
At a moment was high
And at a moment low
He was once her antidote
But now was running out
He had caused everything to her
He had prevented everything
From happening to her
He turned out to be
Her all bad news
He was toxic to her
He was venom to her.


Outside her house
Her morning has broken
She sees her dawn’s golden light
Her eyes are bright
It ain’t misty
Her face full of love
Her hair wet with dew
Her mind deep in the woods
Moving down into the jungle
Ready for the day.
She sees light
The sky is blooming
It opened only for her
The sun is shining
Its rays making graphics
Depicting God’s artwork
Giving her that bee-feeling
Directing her
To some sort of nectar
From some blooming flowers
Her being in nature
Gives her a poetic mood.


He doesn’t know for sure
Why he does it so much
But to him it’s common
Often tied deep to his soul
He’s never known why its so hard
Because it takes much longer,
Than telling the truth.
He lies.
This other one he was born with
It’s actually in his genes
All the signs he got
Are of cannibalism
Just like he does sex
And drugs
He craves violence
To most thieves
Need motivates theft
For him
Its by the thrill of it
He can for sure do without it
He can easily afford not to but
He steals.
To him
Honesty is neither a virtue
Nor a moral issue
He got the power in the wedlock
Wired to want sex a lot
His wife can never
Satisfy that want
He cheats.
To keep social ties
Baboons groom each other
As a social glue
He does talk a lot to others
The goal not truth or accuracy
Its the bond that it can forge
Though at the expense of a third party
He gossips.
To his brains
Betting is hardwired
His brain is triggered
With the close_misses
He doesn’t consider losses
He sees a win being delivered
Instead of stopping by a loss
He changes the game plan
And bets even more
He gambles.
He is a lost soul.

#LostLove2 featuring @CrucialArts


You are the special one I met,
You were my first love taste,
That love you gave me?
I was so stupid in it believe me,
I was drunk in it trust me.

Yours were the eyes I could look into forever,
You were my lover, I could see you whenever,
Your voice? I could hear it till the end of time,
I’ve always wanted you to be at all times mine.
We were once colleagues, we unconditionally got involved in this life, got involved again, and always wanted to get even more involved.
Am missing you,
I’ve once had you plus your heart,
From my side, the earth moved out of its axis,
My world no longer has oxygen,
The sun never rises every morning like it used to,
It’s a cold world, things too cold for me to hold,
At times too hot, too hot to handle,
Am living a confused life.
I miss the times that we used to be,
Without you my days are longer than they ever seemed to be,
My nights are full of bloodsucking mosquitoes and lots of noise from crickets,
You left my heart cut open, moved from my chest and thrown for the street dogs to feed on,
You left me in a world full of uncertainty,
I lost you,
I lost a best friend, a lover,
I lost you who fills my heart with joy,
You who fills me with laughter and makes for me a habitable world,.
Believe me now,
When am saying that am struggling to understand what am going through,
I remember our love was such a unique bond and lacking it makes me feel crazy,
My friends tell me that I must be crazy though none of them knows how to help me sort out my emotions.
I know I was the one in the wrong,
But it was just once, once ever done mistake,
Mistake promised not to be repeated,
But in a moment of you saying a “yes”, a “no” and a “maybe”, you felt like I’d never exist in your life.
You had to make me exit your life.
And now you never want to talk to me,
You never want anything to do with me,
You’ve left me in pain.
I feel destroyed,
I feel rejected.
And now I want you back,
Let us make up a new romance,
Let there be a new us,
Come and finish my desire to have back my once-beloved girl.


Dear Ex
What are you trying to amend?
Loving me you always pretended
Using me is all you wanted
Why are you back,I know it’s pretence
Don’t waste my time,you don’t mean it
All that you say is how you started
The last time you made me fall for you
So don’t even try to think that I’ve forgotten
How you oozed sweetness well smitten
How do you even expect me to believe it?
That you’ve changed your ways
That you’re serious and you mean what you say?
Hey dude,don’t start this game
I am not ready to play
You always hurt me night and day
You didn’t even bother to sugarcoat some lies
Or did you think I wasn’t made of clay?
That I was an iron that couldn’t experience pain?
I truly loved you,that’s why I let you stay
Hoping and praying that you would realise your mistakes
Hoping that some day you would change
But how wrong I was
So! dear ex,don’t try to rekindle the lost love
Don’t even dare think we’ll ever work
I can never take you back
Not after all you did to me sometimes back
The way you did then,do it now,just pack
Leave me alone and don’t look back
Because you and me can never be one
Me being yours,I am totally done


You are the special one I met,
You were my first love taste,
That love you gave me?
I was so stupid in it believe me,
I was drunk in it trust me.

Yours were the eyes I could look into forever,
You were my lover, I could see you whenever,
Your voice? I could hear it till the end of time,
I’ve always wanted you to be at all times mine.
We were once colleagues, we unconditionally got involved in this life, got involved again, and always wanted to get even more involved.
Am missing you,
I’ve once had you plus your heart,
From my side, the earth moved out of its axis,
My world no longer has oxygen,
The sun never rises every morning like it used to,
It’s a cold world, things too cold for me to hold,
At times too hot, too hot to handle,
Am living a confused life.
I miss the times that we used to be,
Without you my days are longer than they ever seemed to be,
My nights are full of bloodsucking mosquitoes and lots of noise from crickets,
You left my heart cut open, moved from my chest and thrown for the street dogs to feed on,
You left me in a world full of uncertainty,
I lost you,
I lost a best friend, a lover,
I lost you who fills my heart with joy,
You who fills me with laughter and makes for me a habitable world,.
Believe me now,
When am saying that am struggling to understand what am going through,
I remember our love was such a unique bond and lacking it makes me feel crazy,
My friends tell me that I must be crazy though none of them knows how to help me sort out my emotions.
I know I was the one in the wrong,
But it was just once, once ever done mistake,
Mistake promised not to be repeated,
But in a moment of you saying a “yes”, a “no” and a “maybe”, you felt like I’d never exist in your life.
You had to make me exit your life.
And now you never want to talk to me,
You never want anything to do with me,
You’ve left me in pain.
I feel destroyed,
I feel rejected.
And now I want you back,
Let us make up a new romance,
Let there be a new us,
Come and finish my desire to have back my once-beloved girl.