When am done going,

Assume that I’ll be back just in a moment,

I know you won’t do anything immediately, you’ll take the time needed, to calm down. You’ll stay with my body in the room, or you’ll prefer to leave.

I know when am done going,

You’ll discuss the important customs or rituals early enough to please me during my time in the afterlife,

When am done going,

I know that there will be light and love somewhere waiting for me,

I know as well that, that time,like a river, tears will be flowing down your cheeks, let them flow,and pour the sorrow out of you. But then don’t be like that river,don’t allow the tears flow forever, let there be a time of drought,let your tears dry.

When am done going, I don’t want you to cry,

I want you to try,

And be strong coz when you don’t, you’ll tie,ropes of pain and its not a lie,try, and by that, you’ll fly,and your spirit will remain high, when I die.

That will be the time I’ll need your face to shine, bright,

Smile for me coz I’ll have lived my life well, smile coz I’ll have made it, coz I’ll have conquered the world, I’ll have won the battle. Smile coz I’ll have not lived for nothing .

But see,when am gone,

I want you to walk confidently to my grave, and strongly plant that rose flower for my remembrance.

My beloved,

Death is real,and I truly fear it,but its the truth of life,

And I hate the thought that the universe will exist without me, I hate the idea that life will continue in my absence, I hate the fact that death, will mark my non_existence, I hate thinking of life before I was born and knowing that, that’s how it’ll be when I leave, I hate the fact that I’ll be in a permanent unconsciousness.

See,am still afraid to die,

Am afraid of what will happen in the afterlife,am afraid of entering that dark cave and not seeing what’s happening, and staying in that darkness without a candle, but see,am ready for what will happen in the afterlife ,coz I lived my life well,and I’ve already received my salvation.

But see,when am done going,

Tell my haters that I know them,tell them to be happy, and not to fake tears for me,

Tell them to come to my burial and speak the truth and say that they hated me. Tell them to be happy for my departure, coz they’ll have taken my place.

But remind them that they are all behind me,in this journey. It will be only that I’ll have departed before them.

But for now, let me strengthen my existence, coz am not dying soon,

Let me look for a reason, for my existence.




Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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