You are beautiful
Amazingly beautiful
Your size
Your shape
Your color
You are undoubtedly my greatest creation
Am inclined to the whole of you
Your hair
Your lips
Your breast
Your hips
Your butt
Your feet
They all give me a taut arousal
They drive me crazy.

It is true
That beauty lies
Deep within a woman
And that a man falls in love
With the inner beauty of a woman
But I have to admit that
Am wired to the physical you
Let me say that the whole of you
Is the best of my woman.

When you wear a deep cut blouse
When you are in your jeans with a crop top
The way your butt fits
In your denim
And leaves me tempted
To grab them
Reveals to me
Your sexy cleavage
Making me go nuts.

Your shaped covered body
Gives me a sense of curiosity
And a mystery is created in my mind
Of what is hidden inside
It leaves me with a weird fantasy
It is a complete turn on for me.

Your feet
Are Pretty
And soft
Perfectly manicured
Perfectly painted
When you put them in stilettos
They create pleasure in my thoughts.

Your back
Is sexy
And curvy
The way you stretch it out
arching it
And give me a view to your butt line
Makes me wanna have you
Beneath my sheets.

Your stomach
Is flat
And pretty
The hottest I’ve ever seen
A sight of it
And am hot under the belt.

Your hair
Is so long
And makes me feel proud
I love it when it tickles my skin
When we are making love.

Your hips
You know right
That they are sexy
That’s why you sway them
Provocatively in front of me
They are curved
And fleshy
They make me go insane and wild.

Your lips
So full
They get me looking at you twice.

Your smile in them
Leaves me visualizing
About kissing you.

Your eyes
Are sexy
And teasing
You just gave me a glance
And I feel like
They are sending a message
Like they want me really bad
Like they want to see
Upto my innermost insecurities.

And when we stare at each other
There are always
Some whispers of
“I love you”.

Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

8 thoughts on “#MyTurnOn”

  1. It all sounds very good when they say the beauty is inside, be it a woman or a man. But ask either gender what was they noticed first of the other person and a woman will tell you how hot he is and a man will tell you how hot she is. Maybe not say it outloud for sure, but definitely think it for both sexes. It´s just human nature. Then you obviously get to know the person inside and fall in love to that inner side I believe, but first impressions are usually the longest impressions.
    Very well written and structured poem, great theme also.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It carries a lot of culture with it
    From formal and respectful greetings, how the young greet the old and vice-versa, how to commence a conversation, and a lot of other things.
    There is a threat though, there is a possibility of its extinction as a lot of our young people choose to speak English, or even sheng'(a slung language, with a mixture of English, Swahili and other languages, which mostlt go down with time.) they’ve left Swahili to be studied at schools only. Otherwise, its a beautiful language as you say,
    And its full of love and beauty to those who are deep into it.


      1. there is something very beautiful about Swahili; you are very fortunate in being a speaker; it’s much more beautiful than English 🙂 it’s a bit of wild thinking, I know, but knowing the language may be a hindrance to appreciating its intrinsic beauty 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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