She even doesn’t know my name
I don’t know her too I guess that’s why I call her butterfly
Coz when she dances, her arms move like butterfly wings, so beautiful
I don’t know her but I feel like I know all of her life episodes
From episode one to the one she’s acting right now
Anyone trying to mess up with her joyous mood
will get me doing something that will have me arrested
But am sure I’d be sailing on the streets in a couple of days
When she’s by my side
I feel like am freezing and boiling at the same time
Am not sure whether it’s fire or ice inside my veins
I just don’t know
And when I have an idea of what to surprise her with,
I’ll go ask the stream or forest for advice
Leaving her will give me heart disorders
Like a ticking time bomb,
Not a ticking time bomb
But booooom! Heart failure
When I touch her skin
I feel her life moving through my palms
And her blood and heart keeps me warm
She’s so expensive
But am pretty sure that, man can be bought
Her being not around is my silent killer, leave alone stress
She’s tough
But still got her charms
That keeps pulling me closer to her
I’ll never want to wake up on that day that she’ll leave
For she’ll leave me stressed out
And that’s not healthy
She’s my stranger lover.