a place so dark
and calm and silent
so silent that
my soundless weeping keeps them away
at times they are around
yet they have no faces
thick bushes
narrow paths
feeling so empty
like chicken in a new cage
trying to make some new flies
craving for contact
sick and tired of my life
entertaining the thought of ending it
so restless
as if am sitting on a rock
running blindly through the streets
darkness consuming my screams
none is there for help
in need of a bright soul
a torch to mine
so that i stop wondering
when the wind put out my lamp
someone please be around
and give me a face in the light
and a hand in this
as i hear it’s contagious.


You and I
Soaked in the sun
That makes me addicted to you
That reminds me of how lucky I am to have you
And makes my problems disappear
And hides my stressing thoughts from me
Happy is the sunray
That makes our kiss warm.

You and I
Standing face to the cool breeze
That breathes life into our lungs
Happy is the breeze
That blows your hair
And instills beauty onto you.

You and I
Standing on the small cubes of sand
That hugs and comforts our feet
And coats them
Like butter on toast
Happy is the sand
That caress your feet.

You and I
With the sound of the waves
That sings sweet melodic tunes to your ears
Happy is the sound of the wave
That surpasses all noise in your mind.

It’s true that the sea is huge
But how huge is it’s hugeness?
As huge as our love for each other
My vision of you
Overpowers all of my other senses.


“Na ritwa ria Awa
Na ria Maitu
Na ria Mwene Nyaga
Thai, thathaiya Ngai thai”
Ndizo words zilimark mwisho wa maombi yalotuweka hai
Hiyo time tulikuwanga fiti wallahi
Hiyo time kabla mzungu
Atubadilishie Mungu
Pale pale kwa nyumba ya Mumbi
Kabla mzungu akuje kutukitia kambi
Na kututifulia vumbi
Hakuwa na time ya kubisha
Ndo maana alikuja na bulldozer na kutuvunjia mlango
Alikam na already made up ways za kutudhalilisha
Na kutugeuzia mgongo
Tofauti ni gani?
Alitutoa chini ya mugumo na mlima na kando ya mito
Akatuingiza ndani ya kanisa
Na kutupatia elimu yenye iliondoa wasichana wetu unyagoni
Ona sasa,
Ona vile wao wako free sisi tukiwa slaves
Hawataki hata collabo si tungeunda kitu moja tuiite Black and White
Lakini sa za kwetu hawajawahi tambua
Same case na ile ya black lives
Ona wa kwao wanaitwa daktari
Wa kwetu wanaitwa waganga.
Aaaah natamani “thai thathaiya Ngai thai”.


She even doesn’t know my name
I don’t know her too I guess that’s why I call her butterfly
Coz when she dances, her arms move like butterfly wings, so beautiful
I don’t know her but I feel like I know all of her life episodes
From episode one to the one she’s acting right now
Anyone trying to mess up with her joyous mood
will get me doing something that will have me arrested
But am sure I’d be sailing on the streets in a couple of days
When she’s by my side
I feel like am freezing and boiling at the same time
Am not sure whether it’s fire or ice inside my veins
I just don’t know
And when I have an idea of what to surprise her with,
I’ll go ask the stream or forest for advice
Leaving her will give me heart disorders
Like a ticking time bomb,
Not a ticking time bomb
But booooom! Heart failure
When I touch her skin
I feel her life moving through my palms
And her blood and heart keeps me warm
She’s so expensive
But am pretty sure that, man can be bought
Her being not around is my silent killer, leave alone stress
She’s tough
But still got her charms
That keeps pulling me closer to her
I’ll never want to wake up on that day that she’ll leave
For she’ll leave me stressed out
And that’s not healthy
She’s my stranger lover.