It’s your birthday, girl,
Let its sun shine, like your smile,
Let the sun’s rays be bright, like your eyes,
Let the sun’s rays penetrate through the air to you and make the view beautiful,
Like you are,
Let the warmth of the sun reach to your skin and penetrate through your pores to your bloodstream, let it flow to your heart and make the love you have for all grow more,
Let it make you feel covered and protected,
Let the winds blow the air of love to your nostrils,
And give you more life,
Have that feeling
That makes your eyes blink in slow motion, and create an affection in them.

So it being your birthday,
I want you to party until you are full,
Like it’s the last party you’ll have on earth,
Like you want it to be the best of all parties ever heard of,
Drink like what you’ll be drinking will be the universe’ last drop,
Dance like you’ve locked yourself in your room and no one is seeing you,
Shout like you are on headphones and no one is listening to you,
Jump and have fun like you’ve never done before,
So in this life ,be patient like you wanted to be Job,
Live upright like you wanted to be Lot,
Live long like you wanted to be Noah,
Then love, love,. Love like God commanded.

Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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