Wuonwa manie polo
Nyingi mondo omi luor
pinyruodhi mondo obi
Dwaroni mondo otimre e piny kaka timore e polo
Yie imiwa kawuono chiembwa ma pile pile
Wenwa gopewa
Kaka wan bende waseweyo ne jogopwa
Bende kik iterwa e tem
To reswa e lwet Ngama Rach
Thank you for making me one of Nyikwaramogi. It was a good life growing on riddles in #siwindhe. Grandmother was the presiding president of storytelling and games.
She used to give me easy riddles so that I’d mock-marry the most beautiful girl as a present, in the mock marriage.
I loved how she settled the arguments that erupted when she favored me in this.
Nyakalaga, Wuon Koth, thank you for her. For she taught us kindness to all people:
“For the eye you treated will look at you contemptuously.”,
To never underrate or underestimate: “for a hare is small but gives birth to twins.”,
To never judge one’s behavior: “for a cowardly hyena lives for many years.”
Jachwech, my moulder, thank you for her. She taught us why people die,
The value of a deformed child,
Qualities of an appropriate spouse,
What friendship is,
Why some people suffer,
And who owns the responsibility of a bad child.
Ruoth, thank you for her. For she told me to build a big house for my mama, for mama is the #Mikai for Wuon Wa, his great wife .
Ruoth, thank you for making me one of Nyikwaramogi,
People who taught me how to play #bao.
People whose girls obtained tattoos on their backs and had their ears pierced, oh what a beauty. People who have forbidden premarital pregnancy. People who would have their girls hold dancing competitions outside their mud walls with thatched roofs and floors smeared with cowdung,
With their their mothers grinding grains,
And their younger siblings grinding soil, imitating their mothers.
Am so happy Wuon Koth.
Ruoth, please make today’s generation teach our kids about sex and bride price and respect for marriage and the importance of maintaining ties with in-laws. God please help them.
And now, thank you again Nyakalaga, for Jokaramogi. Protect them from #juok and HIV and malaria and kwashiarkor. Keep the land by the lake safe.

Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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