Within the waters
a girl grew
Her fins swift
Always moving with the currents
Her heart of scales
Hard and always going against all odds
She swam with fish
Giving herself kindness
And self_trusting
between their tails
Until a stranger came
With built up confidence
And narrowed down pickup lines
And relaxed
Hitting on her with not aggressive compliments
He dared approach her while she was not at leisure
And she was smitten by him
She didn’t see any threat
He wasn’t any close to being a serial killer
She got convinced that he was the “one_shot” at true love
He gave her his phone number
Instead of taking hers
And together
They built their own ocean.

Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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