She looked at her past
All the pain she’d been through
All that she badly wanted that time
But didn’t get
All that she was offered
But didn’t want
All that she wholly or partially hated
What she did at that time
What she didn’t do that time
What she could have said
But didn’t say
What she shouldn’t have said
But still said,
All of which she gave a hand
Willingly or forcefully
How she grew out of religion
How she first had sex at fifteen
The many partners she racked up
Those she cheated on
Those who cheated on her
The much time she spent on boys
Her first tutor lover just before graduation
She just couldn’t allow herself
Get haunted by her past
She just wished that
These things be the ones that
The world wouldn’t have paid attention to
She would prefer to sweep them under the rag
She hoped for the best from him
Not to judge her bad history.

He looked at his future
And thought
Of the woman he longed for
He saw only her
She had qualified
For some sort of serious long-term role in his life
He had to keep his eye out
Of her history
And couldn’t care about her past
He wasn’t ready to deal with the
And doubt
And distrust
He knew she was young at that time
She was immature
But now had grown
For all that had happened to her
She deserved his sympathy
But not suspicion
Wanting to know about her early life
He knew would be the hard pill
Too sour to swallow
The tigress had changed her stripes
And he wanted zero past-checking on her
All that he wanted is to stumble his way
Into nothing but a happy
And long-life love life
That would never tear down
Together they decided
To start from the present.

Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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