Baby, Baby,
Baby let’s make a baby”
Its all started with baby lets make a baby
On mine, your lips were heavy
Thick and so full
You held me tight
I felt like am passing through you
Then you stopped
Stared at me
Like you were craving for me
Like you wanted me really bad
Like you wanted to start a fight with me
Like you were a vampire waiting for its last blood drop
The way you grabbed my collar
And pulled me towards you
It was evident that you wanted
To fully own me
I couldn’t resist.

You moved up and down
Keeping your mouth on my tip
You dropped your breasts
Steady hard nipples
My tongue craving for them
And took me full to your mouth
Feeling your tickling teeth
Feeling your throat
Your warm
And thick lips
Tightening my diameter
I groaned like
I was being slain
Like I was in deep pain
And I dropped
My middle finger
To have a taste
Of your clit
So fleshy
So wet
And it penetrated
In search of your G
As tight as you were
As warm
And wet, as it was.

Grabbing your butt
I felt the beat of your heart
Fatty as butter
So very well padded
I pressed it
And it pressed back
You moaned to that rhythm
My left hand fingers grabbed your hair
My right middle finger
Still in search of your G
But first was your clit
My lips tickling your nipples
As hard as they were
And whoof
Down there you were wet
In there I had spotted the spot
A touch to it and you trembled
Like you were hit by thunder
And whooow
That couldn’t be enough
You pushed my head from your chest
Down your novel
To your hair-free vag
My head in between your feet
Was my tongue-game high?
Of course yes because of how you pinched me
You slapped me
You scratched me
You bit me
Threw your feet in the air
You screamed out the all in you
And held my hard log really hard
I guess you felt its veins
As blood pumped fast through them
You pulled it closer to you
A sign of the post-foreplay
And made it play
With the front of you
One of a kind love making
You were going out of breath

And we became really busy under the sheets
The ones below you were wet
With filthy sweetness
And then followed a young “fuck me baby”
And I new that
You couldn’t stand my strokes
I hit them hard
Initiating a squirt
And yes, baby we made a baby.

Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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