#LostLove2 featuring @CrucialArts


You are the special one I met,
You were my first love taste,
That love you gave me?
I was so stupid in it believe me,
I was drunk in it trust me.

Yours were the eyes I could look into forever,
You were my lover, I could see you whenever,
Your voice? I could hear it till the end of time,
I’ve always wanted you to be at all times mine.
We were once colleagues, we unconditionally got involved in this life, got involved again, and always wanted to get even more involved.
Am missing you,
I’ve once had you plus your heart,
From my side, the earth moved out of its axis,
My world no longer has oxygen,
The sun never rises every morning like it used to,
It’s a cold world, things too cold for me to hold,
At times too hot, too hot to handle,
Am living a confused life.
I miss the times that we used to be,
Without you my days are longer than they ever seemed to be,
My nights are full of bloodsucking mosquitoes and lots of noise from crickets,
You left my heart cut open, moved from my chest and thrown for the street dogs to feed on,
You left me in a world full of uncertainty,
I lost you,
I lost a best friend, a lover,
I lost you who fills my heart with joy,
You who fills me with laughter and makes for me a habitable world,.
Believe me now,
When am saying that am struggling to understand what am going through,
I remember our love was such a unique bond and lacking it makes me feel crazy,
My friends tell me that I must be crazy though none of them knows how to help me sort out my emotions.
I know I was the one in the wrong,
But it was just once, once ever done mistake,
Mistake promised not to be repeated,
But in a moment of you saying a “yes”, a “no” and a “maybe”, you felt like I’d never exist in your life.
You had to make me exit your life.
And now you never want to talk to me,
You never want anything to do with me,
You’ve left me in pain.
I feel destroyed,
I feel rejected.
And now I want you back,
Let us make up a new romance,
Let there be a new us,
Come and finish my desire to have back my once-beloved girl.


Dear Ex
What are you trying to amend?
Loving me you always pretended
Using me is all you wanted
Why are you back,I know it’s pretence
Don’t waste my time,you don’t mean it
All that you say is how you started
The last time you made me fall for you
So don’t even try to think that I’ve forgotten
How you oozed sweetness well smitten
How do you even expect me to believe it?
That you’ve changed your ways
That you’re serious and you mean what you say?
Hey dude,don’t start this game
I am not ready to play
You always hurt me night and day
You didn’t even bother to sugarcoat some lies
Or did you think I wasn’t made of clay?
That I was an iron that couldn’t experience pain?
I truly loved you,that’s why I let you stay
Hoping and praying that you would realise your mistakes
Hoping that some day you would change
But how wrong I was
So! dear ex,don’t try to rekindle the lost love
Don’t even dare think we’ll ever work
I can never take you back
Not after all you did to me sometimes back
The way you did then,do it now,just pack
Leave me alone and don’t look back
Because you and me can never be one
Me being yours,I am totally done

Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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