She was once the light to his eyes,
He loved her like cold loves ice,
He loved the whole of her like the sun loves the whole of the world,
He knew the sun lights all corners of the world,
It shines upto the greatest houses of the rich to the miserable homes of the poor without being given a word.
He loved all of her body parts equally,
She had made him believe that he owned her fully.
All this was until this day,
When he saw her with another man on a bay and overheard them call each other bae.
That was when hatred ran like poison through his every thought,
His heart beat you could think it was a boiling pot.
Hatred, for the girl he loved but decided to give in to a person who to him was a stranger,
Hatred, for the girl who would hold another man so tight that to him they turned to be stingers.
Hatred, for a girl who ruined his plans and wish to get another beautiful girl,
A girl whose skin was much tender and felt expensive just like pearl.
The hatred, for a girl who made him believe her promise not to betray him,
That hatred, filled him to the brim.
And he stood there,
Still thinking of how life was unfair.
He thought of how to come up with a plan,
A big plan to deal with the man and if possible to make him fit in a can or even fry him in a pan.
He wanted to smash his head into pieces,
He wanted to beat his brains out and flash them out like feaces.
The man who called his girlfriend to a sleepover?
He wanted to run over,
And kill him with his bare hands.
His thoughts ran at a great speed,
His eyeballs were fire covered with a lid.
His teeth were tight together,
His folded fingers ready to do something further.
The log he thought of picking was heavy,
He wanted to strike him with it until he was wavey.
But see, something came to his mind,
He decided not to be violent, like he didn’t mind.
His legs were clever enough to take him home,
He decided to go slow when he remembered Rome.
He sat silently in thoughts by a dead fire,
At the flames of his candle he gave a stare.
His face turned to wrinkles and pale,
His eyes as red as a devil out of hell.
He looked straight through the window,
To the silent streets full of smoke billows,
He didn’t turn his head right or left,
He felt like his soul and body were already cleft.
He stayed calm on the other side of a locked door,
With wild thoughts while seated on the floor,
He had to get determination,
To get over it though in slow motion.
He cried the sorrows out.
But he knew that he was still him,

The same him, with new clothes but same him,

The same face but not so pale,

The same heart but not so broken,

Same eyes but not so sad,

Same mind but not so thoughtful,

Same him,

But now a happy man.

Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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