You thought I liked being in the dark?
No, I hate darkness.
Hate darkness.
Darkness made you get to forcefully own me for a while.
But why would you so badly want to do it to me?
I never wanted to be in the news, I, don’t think I was ready for trauma.
The whole of you was scary,
Your eyes were fierce,
I couldn’t stand seeing you and your ugly figure stand still infront of me.
And there was a wall behind me.
I had no way out.
You didn’t consider my boundaries.
You pushed them, and then pushed right through them.
I said ”no”. And fought you off.
You said “yes”, you, you were my attacker.
I bit you,
I scratched you,
I spit on you,
But you still managed to make me give in.
I tried to freeze like I was blacked out, hoping that you’ll be an eagle not to feed on dead food, and that you’d loose interest and walk your dirty rotten mind and three legs away.
I was wrong.
You forced me to appease you like a dog rolling on it’s back for another more aggressive dog.
You forced me into a submission.
And you were so thick,
That you tore and broke apart the tightiest of me, my inner soul felt the pain, I was being slain.
You were so long, that I could feel the filthy you reach to the furthest inner me, from my mouth to my throat, you choked me and you didn’t care.
You were so strong that within minutes, you broke my heart into pieces and my mind heavy in thoughts, suicidal thoughts.
See, I thought I was heavy but the way you held me, as if I was a trophy, made me feel tiny.
It wasn’t okay. I wasn’t okay.
It wasn’t right. Things my side were never again going to be alright.
You hurt me.
That said and done, what could I have done?
I reported,
I had no evidence,
Then you were no rapist,
And I was no victim,
And it turned to be, ” she wasn’t raped”. “She’s okay”..”she’s fine”.

Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

9 thoughts on “#TalkAboutIt”

  1. Thank you for the support

    That Darkness you speak of in your expressionism is one of the reasons why I am alive today. The Darkness was welcoming solace for me that held it’s open arms for me many times in need.

    When I was left to lashed out in silent terror I would not go quietly or without fighting for my life….


    luas dia I do thuras



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