Sande, wuod Achieng’,
Sande nyakwar Licha, nyakwara, owad gi omukara,
Min wu ne okona ni ne isenyombo. Mano be en adier?
Hahaha. She couldn’t stop calling me wuod nyara.
And about that “nyombo” thing, this is what I had to tell her:
Am sorry I didn’t bring a girl with me. I know you wanted my desire to marry to be most important to me, as I had promised.
I know you feel like this is the time that they say God didn’t say yes,
I know you feel offended by the way I’ve handled my life,
I know you feel like it’s because I ran from Christ,
Like its because I stopped trusting Him with my personal life,
Like it’s because I ceased to acknowledge His authority, that am not yet married.
But that’s not it.
Marriage and having a partner are two different things, marriage is not for everyone, but the girls in the city think its beneficial to have a partner.
In the city, am used to getting wired for relationships that are fun but shortlived,
Ladies there date a lot, sleep around and always have escape strategies.
They are lazy too,
You can’t send them to the shop coz they’ll talk of being tired while you know very well that they were nailed in a certain trending movie series, unlike here where anything within 50kms is considered close.
Their laziness makes them order milk online, unlike your country girls who while chatting to someone they just saw in the street, all the stores are closing and the next chance to buy milk will be in two days.
I want a girl from here.
Here where being sick or tired is difficult,
Where pizza delivery is rare,
Where technology isn’t always top of the line, this odd place, of fresh air, blue skies and healthier living,
This place where I’ll inhale and really won’t smell garbage.
This place, where locking your door is optional.
I want a girl from here, a girl who will always have to take good care of herself.
Dani, let me promise you this:
That next time am coming, God will have brought rains of blessings upon me.
He will have gently pointed to my heart and shown me my mate.
Right now, He’s showing me how not to allow my desires for a mate be greater than my desire for Him.
Otherwise I’ll feel so much heartache.
God wants to give me hope outside of my desire to have a wife.
He wants me to surrender it to Him.
He wants to give her to me, Himself.

Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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