Elijah John (fogta) Music

Upcoming Kenyan singer and songwriter Elijah Njogu Mbuthia, popularly known as Elijon, a.k.a fogta (from one glory to another) ,is an artist to look out for in 2019’s gospel scene. Born at Kanyigi Ka Mianga in Mang’u (Gatundu North), Elijon has managed to always be ahead of himself despite getting into the industry which has got a lot of well-established artists. This has not stopped him from believing in his vocals.
His first song was “mathina”, a Kikuyu song that put clear the hardships that Christ went through to save him (mankind). The video, the lyrics, and how he delivers in the song, is amazing.
Elijon has held tight on his real and true lane of gospel by releasing content full tracks with lyrics that depicts the love and works of Jesus, from “mathina” to “jesu”, and now “daktari”. Maybe it’s because of him being born of a man of God, Bishop Ibrahim John Mbuthia.
His latest and new song “daktari” got its audio done by producer Johntez of Krucial Sounds, who has also worked with other gospel artists like Havoc Kid, and its video done or directed by Patma Austine. Elijon is currently under new management of Dj Nyash.
“Daktari” is a Swahili word to mean “doctor” and Elijon created lyrics out of it to show how Christ is the only healer of one’s spiritual sicknesses and strengthener during times of weaknesses. Elijon has tried to to define what gospel is all really about and, “daktari” is a song you’d want to listen and watch over and over again as it speaks to your soul.
Elijon, as depicted by his works, is soft_spoken, vocally gifted and hardworking and, fans shouldn’t expect him to get loose of what he’s doing, despite the industry’s competitiveness, greedy promoters and a lot of undercutting.
What He can promise you for sure is that he isn’t stopping soon to sing songs full of lyrics that speak to souls of masses.
Keep watching out for his electrifying and well delivered performances in the year 2019.



Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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