We weren’t kissing,
It’s only that I was falling and coincidentally, she was falling too,
And we just met in the air and in that process, our lips touched.
We weren’t kissing,
She just noticed that I had a pimple on my chin and she really wanted to help get rid of it, and it’s in that very minute that our lips pulled against each other.
We weren’t kissing,
We were just arguing whether my teeth are thirty two or not, coz she thought they were twenty eight and she needed to confirm,
That’s when I felt the warmth of her wet lips.
We weren’t kissing,
It’s just something that got into her eyes and I helped her remove it so she softly said,”thank you” and her eyes full of affection,
And her blinking being in slow motion,
Looked straight into my eyes making me loose control and I moved closer to her. She didn’t complain.
The affection, pierced deep into my eyes through my heart to my mind and all I could see and think of,
Was her.
It is then that I felt the tenderness of her skin.
We weren’t kissing,.
She just wanted to feel my breath to know whether it was as fresh as hers and … as she came closer to inhale my breath, our lips held each other.
We weren’t kissing,
It’s she who saw a mouse run past her, she became afraid, ran to me, held on to me tight,
And all I saw was right,
Was to let her lay her head on my chest.
We weren’t kissing,
She just felt tired and I tried to help by letting her sit on my lap,
Making me feel the thickness of her flesh, and it was in that moment that,
I felt the taste of her.
But am sure a lot of questions are running in your mind and you are wondering why, if we weren’t kissing,
Our eyes were closed during the whole of that moment,
Why, her left palm gently lied on my cheek,
Why, my hands couldn’t get lose of her waist,
Why, I held her waist so tight and she still let me keep my hands there,
Why, I bent my head hard so that I would reach to her lips,
Why, she tried to make herself taller by raising her heels to reach to my lips,
Why, she was whispering to me while moaning in low sounds,
Why, her left knee was playing in between my two knees,
Why, she was quiet, relaxed and weak in the knees, allowing me to lift her and spin her around,
And why, we were in the dark.
But see,
I smiled to her, and she smiled back,
And that was because,
We weren’t kissing.





Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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