I don’t know whether I said it as a joke or I was serious about it but, I just said to him,
“Johnte unajua mi nitaacha kanisa,?” !
And he asked, “kwa nini uwache kanisa?”.
And I said naacha kanisa because the house of the Lord is full of hypocrisy, church is full of people who do ill to others,
People who speak ill of others,
People who think ill of others.
I told Johnte that I wanted to quit going to church coz I didn’t want to be part of the wickedness that goes on in the church and that instead, I’d rather stay alone,
Holy as I thought I was.
I tried to argue with him that the Bible says its better not to be in midst of the wicked, who to me, were church goers but then he argued back that the same verse I was talking about puts it clear that just one day in the house of God is far much better than a thousand in the midst of the wicked and that,
am at that church I see as full of inequities, so that I can help those who I see as wicked, to know the way.
I tried to argue with him that the Bible says that my body is the temple of the Lord and that I didn’t need to go to church to have a word with God and, that I got direct access to God when the curtain split into two during Jesus’ death,but,
But Johnte reminded me of the same Bible, saying, where two or more people gather,
For the purpose of worshipping God,
He will be there to listen to them.
And I was confused.
I told Johnte that the hypocrisy was too much in the church,
and that I didn’t need to pray or sing out loud so that others could see me doing so, and that I could still pray at heart and in whispers but he reminded me, that king David sang songs of praise and danced for the Lord until his clothes fell off, in public.
I again told him that church is full of lusty ,
And greedy people who only crave for my tithe and the Thanksgiving offertory I bring to God
But guess what , Johnte told me to, just do what God ordered me to do,
That is bringing to Him my first fruits,
My thanksgiving,
Not to go in His presence empty_handed,
Giving Him a tenth of what He Himself blesses me with and leave the judgement for only Him,
coz He has set aside a day for that.
He encouraged me and urged me to be that light in darkness,
that the same thing am going through, Lot also went through coz he and his family were the only upright men during the incidence of Sodom and Gomorrah, and that Lot was tormented in his soul by the wickedness he saw and heard day by day,
And God saved him, when He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.
Johnteh told me “Ochy ,tafadhali usiwache kanisa,
Ochy don’t judge, that’s God’s work and He has His own judgment day set aside for that work and that’s why we sin everyday and night yet we are still alive,
Coz God is just seated on his throne watching every step we make, in sinning against men and against Him, waiting for His day to come.
But He has given us time to find ourselves and turn back to Him,
Each man for himself and create a personal relationship with Him,
So that when that day comes, we’ll be safe.”
And I said to Johnte “bro siachi church”.



Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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