Am sorry for last night.
Am sorry for holding you tight the way yo not used to,
Am sorry for touching your body even after you reacted like you never wanted to,
Am sorry for making you feel inferior and making myself take charge of the whole of you,
Am sorry for introducing you to the dirty but crucial side of life,
Am sorry for revealing to you the deep secret of manhood,
Am sorry for taking away your purity.
Mary am sorry..
Am sorry for you didn’t know that I had done it a couple of times before with a girl who’s not you,
Am sorry for how I reacted when I discovered that you were still intact,
Am sorry for making you taste the feeling and drink the sweet wine from the bottle mostly said to be for the wicked,
Am sorry for making you go against what you were taught in the church,
Am sorry for saying “thank you” even after hurting you.
But I promise not to hurt your feelings and that I’ll never leave you coz I know that I’ll forever swim in your thoughts.
I know you’ve been taught how to choose wisely who you loose it to and I know that you chose me over them and so, I was the best you could trust.
And because of that,
I want you to stay with me, even when you feel like I don’t have time for you, I’ll always create time for you,
And I promise to make you understand how I’ll forever see only you,
I promise to teach you how to love only me,
I promise to make you understand that when I say you are the main,
There are no other sides I look at,
That when I say you are my number one, there are no numbers two and three,
That when I flirt with other girls, it’s not that I target them, baby some of them are just desperate and all I do is help them go through it,
I promise, not to break this promise,.
And now love,
I want you to lay your head on my chest everyday,
I want to feel you in my arms everyday,
I want to feel your presence everyday and I want you to give me that feeling, of being secure.
Baby I want to forever enjoy calling you Nimoh coz I know it makes you hate me for a second,
And I want you to remain silent when I call you Nimoh coz Wairimu is your name and one day I believe that I’ll drive you in a Limo,
I want to enjoy calling you Njambi coz I know you love your mummy,
I want to have the three names forever on my mind and every minute of my life, I’ll be calling you Mary Wairimu Njambi,
Coz they perfectly define you,
And whenever I speak to you, I’ll make it rhythmic and poetic.
The winds continue blowing,
Withering flowers cease growing,
But our love still stands,
T’was never erected in the sands,
Scars are signs of wounds that heal,
I understand how I made you feel,
But as the ants follow a single path,
I pray that we follow the path of our love,
And like a spotlight,
Let our love always shine bright.






Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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