Come here nyakwara,
See, this is “kendo”. You don’t sit on kendo because,
you’ll grow boils on your behind and die young.
Nyakwara here you don’t call upon people,
You call upon ancestors and pour libation to appease them so that your prayers may be answered.
Nyakwara, try as much as possible not to turn your back on your friends. We are here for each other.
The king we have here speaks of unity to all members of the kingdom, and for your information the number of kingdoms we have here is one, coz we are all one, and one in love.
And when on the other side they pee on other’s faces, here you try to wipe out dirt and tears from the victims faces.

Nyakwara, this is the ” dala”.
The land of nyatiti, ohangla and businesses that give us “ohala” . I hope you left the so called “twerk” and “oddi” back in the city.

Nyakwara, here when the male speaks,
The “she” listens and submits to all of him.
Here, ladies wear skirts long to the toes,
Showing thighs is a taboo.
Try as much as possible ,
To sit with your legs crossed,
Coz opening them will make you create life.
Here when you bend,
Make sure you break your knees and not your waist,
Make sure you sway your waist only when you have a water pot on your head, not for seduction to men but for proper balancing of the water pot.
Nyakwara, here when you sleep late,
Let it not be because of being online,
Let it be because you had gathered with your colleagues to learn how to cook for your husbands.
Your brothers will be taught on how to sooth your sisters_in_law.

Here you don’t complain for eating bitter herbs, nyakwara that’s medicine.
Make sure you eat from one plate with your siblings and don’t in anyway try to bring disunity here.

And before I forget,
Don’t dare wake up at 10 am!
This is the place where porridge is ready before 6am!
Make sure your brothers have taken enough of the porridge prepared by you before they leave with the cattle for the fields, and that you meet them at the gate in the evening and try to know how they’ve spent the day.
Clean their hands and make sure they eat to the full, food well prepared by you.
Otherwise, nyakwara,
Enjoy your time upcountry.




Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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