#I exist

I do this
I do that,
I do good, I do bad,
Yes, I exist.
I go to mosque, I eat pork,
Yes, I exist.
I pray and fast in the church oftenly yet I commit adultery,
Yes, I exist.
I say am a vegan yet I eat meat,
Yes, I exist.
They were born intact but while still underage, I break them,
Yes, I exist.
They become pregnant and I help them get rid of the expectancy,
Yes, I exist.
I helped her deliver twins,
I sold one of them and the other I exchanged with a dead one,
Yes, I exist.
They search for jobs in my company,
I preserve for them vacancies
but with sex in return,
Yes, I exist.

I take pictures of the misfortuned, and post them online to make others laugh,

Yes, I exist.

I promise to solve their problems
once I get to state house but all I do
Is snatch their trust in politics,
And grab their land,
Yes, I exist.
They pay taxes, I squander it,
Yes, I exist.
He is the one who committed the murder,
I helped him burry the evidence,
Yes, I exist.
I respect women and call for their freedom,
Yet rape cases are still high,
Yes, I exist.
I promise them promotions at job,
And all I need in return is seduction,
Yes, I exist.

I planted a seed in someone else’s land,
Yes, I exist.
Am neither in the front line
nor the backline at war,
Yes, I exist.
I try to judge the judiciary, I remain existing.
I hid intelligence at integrity centre,
So that it may not face war against graft.
Yes, I exist.
And me now,
My case was swept away by heavy rains of words from them who call themselves intelligent.
And yes, I still exist.

And when I just realized that am alone,

I remembered God’s supreme and divine protection,

His divine provision,

His divine promise,

And His supreme existence.




Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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