The blowing wind,

My thinking brain.

The rustling twig,

My rolling eyes.

The sound in the bush,

My fast heartbeat.

The darkness crawling,

My sweating armpits.

An incoming attack?

Not ready to battle.

I am alone. And I am afraid I’ll lose.

I don’t wanna be alone,

In this world where everyone has lost their ability,

Ability to even speak strong words,

Ability to be open-minded,

Everybody is wounded,

Ability to think of fighting poverty,

Ability to create positivity,

And ability to bring unity.

I don’t wanna be alone in this world,

Where there is a lot of darkness,

That covers child slavery.

Where news are never in the news,

And what we think are news,

Come to confuse and distract.

I don’t wanna be alone in this world,

Where down here, we are busy arguing about nonsense,

While up there,

They abuse power without consequence,

Where human is fed with venom,

Against fellow human.

I don’t wanna be alone here,

In this this world of depression,

Of hunger, of disease infestation,

Of fake religion and terrorisation,

Of people calling for action,

But the mighty ones got to change their norms by fake reactions.

I don’t wanna be alone here,

Where once I lose,

I’ll have to lose again,

Where things are done by brain,

Never by the heart,

Leaving bodies slain and in pain,

And souls hurt.

Where guilt is hidden under make-up,

Where one takes a lifetime to style up.

Where evidence of murder,

Is buried with the corpse.

I don’t wanna be alone in this world.

I want someone’s company.

Someone who will help me fear no evil,

Someone who will help me let go of my ego,

Someone who will help me raise my voice to the people,

Though vile as their actions may go,

Help me bring them low,

And make them know,

That it’s not by their sword,

But God’s own.

In unity,

Power is big.

In companionship,

Love is big.

In your help,

Life is big.

In speaking out,

Change is big.

In your prayers,

Blessings are big.




Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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