This one will make you angry,

Or will break your heart.

But see,

When daddy comes,

Tell him that next week,

Ill stop being weak,

Though it’ll make him freak,

Tell him that I’ll bring him a daughter in law.


This came out of a stupid act,

But it still remains the fact.

Tell daddy that the daughter in law am talking about had something in her womb,

And that am happy that in her womb,

There were two,

That in just one try, I got two,

That I too didn’t believe it’s true,

Just like you.

Tell daddy that the quiet one came out first, and I got no clue,

He brought more pain to his bearer,

I’d have gotten into her shoes,

The noisy one followed the first,

And oh! It was a she,

And she made her mother let the pain lose.

Tell daddy that like he’ve been good to me,

I’ll be to them,

That when the youngest asks me “daddy why him and not me?”,

I’ll say,”coz I love you all.”

I’ll keep their mother fit,

So that she gets ready to give me another two,

And get more grandchildren for you.


Tell daddy am sorry for keeping quiet about this all that time,

Tell him that I want you to celebrate,

For I prayed for one blessing,

But God gave me double,

I prayed for a meal,

He gave me a feast,

I prayed for a sentence,

He gave me a paragraph,

I prayed for a book,

He gave me a library.

Tell daddy,

That I love you all, like you love me too.




Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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