I’ve got no idea what’s lying under the carpet,

No matter how much I try to get it on a bet,

It’s a grave’s secret,

Trying to remember who’s buried in that grave,

That grave whose top soil have been washed away by rain,

the cross sign got knocked down by an animal,

A mad man walked with it down the street,

And that who is in the grave,

Illness didn’t take him there!

What did is still beyond my sight.

Away from the grave, is soil with dirt on top,

To which under it there might be gold,

And I repeat, there “might” be gold,

Coz what’s under the soil is still beyond my sight.

See, I wanna be behind the wheel,

With the “miss” on my left in heels,

And the way I would like to feel,

I got no idea how it gonna get me to the wheel____.. chair,

Or even six feet deep,

And what will have caused my death will still remain beyond your sight.

In the judicial offices,

The defendant walks out,

To the claimants on the cases,

In those premises they are locked out,

And inside those offices,

What they discussed is beyond our sight.

See, I wanna get to the battlefield,

But I got no shield,

And the arrow which got the legends killed,

I got no idea of where it will aim me from.

Now am trying to run away through the ocean,

But the waves are still angry,

And when I try going back to the dry land,

The earthquake makes it scary,

When I think of going down the valley,

The valley’s shadows brings images to my sight,

Images of death,

Coz the shadows are of death.!

But when in the whole universe there’s no place I would rather be,

With God I’ll fear no evil.




Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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