Family is power,

Love,loyalty is power,

Loving each other forever, in sorrows and in happiness, in life and in death,in riches and in poverty., is what you swore to one another during your bonding ceremony,

Like stars in the dark sky,your eyes shone ,.

You remember years ago?

When you saw only her,when her smooth moves and curves drove you mad, when her skin was still tender, when she was still intact,

Years ago, before life tore away and humanity left you, before anger,before ego was created in you,before you started drowning in alcohol, and it made you become what you are now.

Someone who no one can recognize as a brother, no one can own you.

See, this is you,

And those are them,

See,your wife,the scars in her face makes her regret and hate herself for letting you into her life,all the bracelets she had when she was new to you, are all off.

Her all day tears has even made her change her accent, coz you make her cry.

And your child,her heart is torn when she sees you tear her mum’s clothes apart,

Like a chicken new to a place she is,she wants to leave but she can’t, it’s her home. And that’s the only home she knows, She’s not at peace.

And see, your wife,your child, are the family you own,and no matter what, you must remain together, always and forever,

Find something in you that makes your love for your family strong,something that will make you a husband again, something that will make you live for them,because they are the ones that make you live.

Stay with your wife,she’ll help and stand with you, she’ll be a wife to you, and you’ll build a home together,

She and her child needs you,

Stay with her.




Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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