You wanna talk,?

Let’ talk!

So,were you really not feeling anything that time? See,I wondered how you did that,

Like you didn’t care,

Like you didn’t feel anything for me,

For me,I felt, and I felt everything, and I wasn’t going to stop the feeling,

Coz I didn’t believe that you felt nothing, but you, instead of feeling back,you ignored, and you hurt me,.

I remember, you once hated yourself for the bad you did to me, it made you act different ,

But this time round, you didn’t,

You didn’t act any different!

You didn’t do anything, coz anything could have been better than acting like you didn’t care,.

Lately,I feel like am a project,

Like am a problem that needs to be fixed,

I think that I made you sad, and I can’t be with you anymore, coz now I know when you look at me, all you see is a broken toy,

You see,

Today friends ask me, “do you still love her?” And I say ,”yes”!

And they ask again, “are you still in love with her?” And I say ,”no”!

Well, that hurts,I know it hurts. Here you are now, saying that we need to talk, and that we have to talk, . talk about what?

How many times will you tear my heart apart?

You are sorry?

You are sorry that, that happened?

You are sorry that you betrayed me with him?

You are sorry that I found out?

You are sorry about the whole of it?

You are really sorry? You didn’t mean to hurt me?

No no no no,.. Don’t .. Don’t apologize, coz I never asked you to!

Look,there is a solution for all these,

You can just forget it,you can erase every memory you have of me, everyday we’ve spent together, every kiss,every lie,every pain we’ve gone through together,..

You can take away every bit of love you have for me, you can make everything disappear,

I know yo not used to see me like this, you don’t know this type of me, and you even don’t know what I look like when am not in love with you,! You gave him a chance to ruin our relationship, you betrayed me,

And now you know what to do,

Leave,Go …




Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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