Hey boy,

Look at them,

They are beautiful, aren’t they?

Note them,

They are too hungry for attention, look at them, watch them,

They can’t keep their cravings for themselves,

You’ve seen them?

Those,are the women who secretly crave for seduction, it’s like blood is pumping hard in their veins,ready to be sucked up by a vampire,

They want you to notice them,craving for your attention, Don’t fall into their trap,though its tempting to you, don’t,!

Look, Now put up a good fight, take a flight,

And the “game” ,you know the “game”?, make them withdrawn when they beg for it!

Don’t hold onto them, let them walk away, You are a man of purpose, don’t take the nonsense.!…

And you girl,

Look at him,he’s craving too,he wants you to offer him all of your faces,and bodies in the bedroom.

He’s craving to manage you and the relationship in general. He wants your trust. He wants you to surrender your heart, your life,your body_a perfect body. He wants you to always agree with him and submit to all his demands. And there is much more that he wants you to surrender to him.

He wants to control your movements and your body. He wants your moves to soften, he wants you to move in the house slower, and softer. He wants you to be more aware of every moment and be more present for him. He’s craving!

Furthermore, he’s craving for the wine land.

He’s craving for quick success.

He’s craving to be boss at work, and at home.Craver!

But see,don’t cry to change him,let him change himself, let your complaint be a gift to him,let him receive it!




Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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