Ati..it’s nothing, no it’s not nothing,

It’s just part of being what I am,

I was once a sinner and I feared that when He finds out, He’s not gonna forgive me,

But He knew this all along,and He sent His son for me,oh He’s so amazing,

Now,I mean, He died that time,

He should have instead let me die that time,

But He didn’t,

And even if I die now,its not gonna change what happened,

He died for me

And now,it hurts me, for every soul that’s been hurt because of me,

It hurts me for every life that I’ve caused troubles to,

Knowing what I’ve done and that pain,

That pain is with me all the time,and everyday, I think, if I just give myself to Him,I can make that pain stop,it would be that easy,

And because of that, I’ve made a choice,

a choice to follow Him, Him who died for me. Christ,

And because of that choice, a lot of souls will be transformed.

See, He looked at me,and when He looked at me, I knew that I did not deserve Him, because I had been hurt many times in my life and had been a sinner from when I was young, I was a lost soul.

See,when he looked at me, He did not say anything, but looked straight into my eyes and soul,

He was telepathing with me,and knew everything in my life,

He forgave me,and told me with His eyes that God and He, loved me, . He saved my life, He changed my heart, He changed my soul, He changed my mind,

See ,I atfirst didn’t know that I needed Jesus’ love in my life, only that I needed a genuine love in my life,but they had all hurt me,and I felt very alone all my life,

But now I feel safe in this evil world, coz Christ gave me eyes that were once blind and now in my mind, the past I can not rewind,, coz I can now see and understand everything,.

God through His son Jesus Christ has brought my life out of immorality, gave me liberty, and now its my turn to show Him my loyalty,.. He gave me a degree in the art of listening to His Spirit.

He has revealed truth to me again and again my life,

I am thankful to know Him.



Author: sander_ochy

I am a journalist, a poet, a spoken word artist, a writer, and performer. Life is all I write about. #Freeverse254

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